CES 2012: Cardas

It's been a long time coming, but George Cardas has given birth to a new pair of headphones. He calls them "mirrors" sometimes because they are designed to be symmetrical with the workings of the ear. I'm not sure I understand how that works exactly, but it matters not. I do understand what my ears tell me as I listen to Cardas products, and typically like it. Such is the case with these little gems, which are filled with Cardas' signature yummy goodness.

We had a fun session checking out his new cans. He showed me how you can tweak them by very carefully poking a small hole in the filter, and increasing the size of the hole will provide more treble energy. (This is sort of like the principle behind changing the filters on the Audeo PFE.) He also mentioned that making a very small hole venting the inner bore of the ear tip to outside air lower bass response. (And this is similar to the principle behind the ADEL ear tip.) So, George is definitely getting things figured out.

I brought a pair of each back home for measurements and review. I'll get some extra filters and play around with putting holes in them and measuring ... just for the fun of it.

Here's George:

Cardas Audio

13mh13's picture

Yeah, T, you posted on these before ... but I still don't see much on the Cardas site or Head-Fi.
Cool that you have some to review. If/when you feel a formal review itchin' your shorts, kick several puppies at once ... i.e., a multi-IEM shoot-off. Hope you still have your Sony EX1000s! Add to those: Senn IE-80s and HiFiMan RE-272, and maybe JVC FX-90 ... all DDs can make for a fun-filled all-dynamic review.

Oh, and a comment to George of the Jungle, above, on his "replica of the human hearing system" ... dude, please put out some sort of White Paper (PDF works, too ;) on the research Cardas did on this IEM. Otherwise, it all marketingtalk. Like ... "...this roman meal bakery thought you'd like to know" (1970s TV Commercial)
In reality ...
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" -- Carl Sagan.

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