CES 2012: MA Recordings

Back in July, Steve Guttenberg wrote a dandy little article here on InnerFidelity about the test tracks he uses. Similarly, when I wrote my article on world class headphones, I described the test tracks I use for evaluation. I believe it's critical to do subjective evaluation using tracks with which I am intimately familiar.

I would very much like to put together a series of test tracks that I would be able to distribute here at InnerFidelity, so that I could talk about the exact nature of what I'm hearing for readers who've become familiar with the same tracks. Unfortunately, it would be near impossible to get permission to use some of the tracks currently in my quiver.

In my view, there are two great audiophile labels that regularly produce recordings that are of high enough quality to use as reference for subjective evaluation: Chesky and M·A Recordings. I ran into Todd Garfinkle of M·A at RMAF in October of last year, and talked with him about my project. He said, "Sure! I'd love to do it. Do you have a hard drive with you? I'll dump my catalog of albums on it so you can peruse them for your project." Damn! I didn't have one with me, nor the time to go buy one. But you can bet your sweet bippy I brought one to CES!

As Todd's collection was being laboriously transferred to my USB drive, I had plenty of time to chat with him at his booth. He's a fun guy to spend a bit of time with, and a superb recordist. All his recordings are done with a highly customized stereo pair of microphones, and a sweet extremely high sampling rate analog to digital converter. I'll let Todd tell you about his stuff.

MA Recordings
4728 Park Encino Ln #117
Encino, CA 91436
818 907 9996

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So we can expect access to some of your test songs in the future?

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MA recordings is generally include the mendelssohn trios, which is related with the songs of joy and peace. This album is created by Steve Guttenberg, who wrote a dandy little article.

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Yup. There will be something like 15-20 20 second clips that allow you to focus on one aspect of the headphones reproduction. Two or three clips each for: overall balance, bass, bass emphasis, mids, treble, dynamics, and imaging.
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That's the best idea of all time. The descriptions we've been using are somewhat vague or inexact - the actual music will fill in all of the blanks.

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"Best idea of all time." I dunno, the wheel was pretty good. And beer.
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MA recordings is related with the series of the momentum label, which diverse the catalog of the art. The series of this recordings is written by Steve Guttenberg,Who is the an American actor.