CES 2012 Most Comfortable Booth Award: The Hi-Fi Chair

I'm a big fan of near-field listening. The imaging can be awesome, and there's little room interference. Steve Guttenberg once said it's like the best of both worlds between speaker listening and headphone listening. I think he's quite right. My near-field rig is on my lab computer, so I listen a lot while working. But what about those times when you just want to kick back and relax? Enter "The Hi-Fi Chair."

This could be just another crazy audiophile making an over-the-top gadget, but the more I clicked through my test tracks in this luxuriant comfort of the Hi-Fi Chair, the more I thought, "Man, if I had a small apartment in the city, this might be the way to go." After four days of trudging my way through CES I also thought, "I'm not getting out of this chair."

You could probably rig up a near-field system around any old Lay-Z-Boy, but you wouldn't have the very cool integrated sub-woofer and shaker of the Hi-Fi chair. Arm rest controls for adjusting the sub, shaker, and overall volume levels are comfortably at your finger tips. A little gentle tweaking and the low notes --- right down to the Adam's-apple-wobbling basement, integrate very well. The listening experience is excellent, the comfort sublime.

I want.

Here's Jamie Beers to tell you about it.

HiFi Company
2340 S. 900 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119