CES 2012: Spider

I reviewed the Realvoice low-cost, dynamic in-ear last year, and was quite taken by it's laid-back and comfy sound. Ronny send a bunch of these out to Head-Fiers last year for audition and review. Most found his claims of great reproduction of vocals were well founded.

The product I liked, but didn't review was the dandy little Spider Pocket Speaker ($39.99). No breathtaking, room-filling sound here, but this tiny USB rechargeable speaker is small enough to fit in the smallest of backpack pockets, and is lightyears better than the speaker on your phone, and likely better than most laptop speakers.

This year Spider is introducing two new full-size headphones. I'll let Ronny tell you about them.

Spider International Inc.

nick n's picture

Just..wow. maybe it's just me but the whole thing ( Moonlight ) is gorgeous!
Look at the the size of those pads. It's a shame you didn't get a quick listen, or diiid you....
I'd pick these up just for the design alone, if I recall there's not much that looks similar, which is no small feat in itself.

Between these and the Philips L1 design , I'm sorely tempted by both assuming the sound signatures don't pierce the eardrums or make fillings fall out. There's always room for both I suppose. One open one closed. These belong in glass domed hangers.

Thanks for the heads up on these looking forward to their particular sound impressions.

RPGWiZaRD's picture

Lots of newcomers and interesting designs, this is no exception, liking it. Man I just wish CES wasn't located on the other side of the globe for me, I had loved to be there this year.

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