CES 2012: Woo Audio

Woo Audio manufactures a really nice line-up of tube amps for headphones starting at $495 for the WA3, all the way up to a soon-to-be-released $10,000 flagship, the WA234.

Jack Wu's been a long-time member of the headphone community. I can hardly remember a time when I haven't seen his cheerful smile at a headphone event. I've heard his gear numerous times at shows, of course, but the truth is I've mostly been into solid-state amps. Fortunately, this gig at InnerFidelity is going to let me branch out, and I'm very much looking forward to bringing Jack's amps in for extended listening. I'll be starting at the bottom with the WA3 and WA6, and working my way up. Tough job, eh?

Woo Audio's latest adventure takes Jack in a whole 'nother direction with his WTP-1 CD transport and WDS-1 DAC ($1200 ea.).

Here's Jack.

Woo Audio

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