CES 2012: Yoga Electronics

As I walked past the cheery yellow booth I slowly realized is was chock full of headphones. Yoga Electronics? Hm. I seem to remember seeing the name on Head-Fi. Yoga is an OEM/ODM manufacturer supplying headphones to companies the world over. Many don't realize that most headphones are made this way. For example, Foster Electric Co. in Japan makes headphones for the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Creative, Audio-Technica, and Denon.

Yoga, it seems, is a supplier for Fischer Audio among others, and make their FA-003 evidently. Often times, however, OEM manufacturers will make slight changes at the request of the buyer, so there's no guarantee the Yoga CD-990 is exactly the same headphone as the Fischer FA-003.

There was a small alcove in the Yoga booth with a sampling of about 15 headphones I could plug into my portable rig. I have to tell you that most sounded pretty darn good. It makes me wonder if the tweaks other manufacturers ask for are improving or reducing the audio quality of headphones. I'd like to see folks like Yoga and Foster put there best foot forward and produce a product under their own name at some point. I'm thinking some of these folks really know what they're doing, and we'd find some real gems in that lot.

Here's the thread I'd seen Yoga's name in previously. Sure enough, they're talking about the Fischer cans. You'll find ClieOS, as always, the voice of reason.

Okay, time for the video. Forgot to zoom all the way back out ... gonna get grief about my nose hairs in comments on the YouTube channel ... again!

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I have to say your coverage is amazing! I was just sitting back thinking how you get these written so quick, complete and efficiently? What's your secret? :)

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Sony XB500 look-alike in the background! Glad more manufacturers use those big pads, I love the comfort on those. :P

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The FA-003s and the CD-990s are almost certainly the same headphones - I bought the FA-003s and a friend of mine the "Lindy Premium Hi-Fi Headphones" - the only difference was that his came with two sets of pleather pads, while mine came with one set of velour pads and one set of pleather pads. The sound is identical and, according to Lindy, they are the same headphones. The same holds true for the FA-004s, which can be found in Sweden under the name Ace MP-68, but at half the Fischer price. ;)

So far I love all the Yoga headphones I've tried - I only wish they'd market and sell them directly - it's a bit of a hassle getting hold of them now, and they always seem to retail cheaper in the next store...

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It seems that within the last year the headphone market has just exploded, but I do hope people get to audition before they buy, or at least check on-line reviews from reputable sources. They could spend $100s on somethng not so good, but looks great.

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This is a good reason to support your sources of information.

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