CES 2013: Ferrari-Logic3

Oh man, I remember seeing these Ferrari by Logic3 headphones some time ago and haven't stopped drooling since. Very sexy! But being disappointed so many times in the past by good looking, but poor performing headphones, I remained skeptical. Good news folks, all but one one can in the line (T250) sounded very good indeed! It seems the folks at Logic3 spent quite a bit of effort in designing these headphones from the ground up to deliver both the very real performance and the brazen sexiness of their Italian namesake. From the Logic3 press release here:

Recognizing the need to build this new range of audio equipment from the ground up, Logic3 has worked with highly respected audio designers in this specialised field to create a range of unique audio products that bring Ferrari’s iconic Italian heritage to life.

Yup, I believe it. I was quite impressed with both the sound and the very, very good looks of this line of headphones, and you can bet I'll be calling these guys for review sample requests. One of each delivered in the trunk of a Scudaria would be just fine, thanks!