CES 2013 Introduction

An image from Dante's View looking North West into Death Valley. The dry lake bed to the left of the image is the lowest point in the US at 282 feet below sea level.

For the last 20 years my holiday season has been shrouded by the pall of the impending Consumer Electronics Show. Not that I wouldn't want to go mind you, it's just that there's so much work and importance wrapped up in CES that its hard to get off your mind. So, I tried a new tack this year. I decided to mentally camouflage the show with a little camping/motorcycle vacation in Death Valley beforehand. I figured mixing a little business with pleasure would make the big CES pill a little easier to swallow. And you know what? It worked! The Holiday season was a lovely mix of anticipation and angst...that's about normal, right?

Since I tend to write in a personal tone I thought it might be nice to take you along for a few moments in Death Valley as a prequel to my CES introduction, which follows on the next page. Here's a few images from this unearthly landscape.


There's not a plant to be seen on 40 Mule Team Road.


Again on 40 Mule Team Rd. though it might as well have been on the moon.


The view from Zabriskie Point.


Echo Canyon was mile after mile zig-zagging through the rocks.


But Titus Canyon was a bobsled run. Like nowhere I've ever ridden before.


The Bank at Rhyolite Ghost Town. Evidently the vault has survived quite well.


Rhyolite also has some interesting art installations.


I fell in love with this one.

Here's me somewhat....well, quite a bit actually, over my head.


After a long ride up the mountain. (What an idiot.)

Alrightythen! Let's go to Vegas!


anetode's picture

Though I wouldn't want to spend the night

n_maher's picture

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the new offerings, Tyll!

halcyon's picture

Brilliant page 1, thank you! :D

Looking forward to your impressions.

Tyll Hertsens's picture

...but I had a great time and thought folks might like the pix.

Prepping videos and writing now, posts coming!

Three Toes of Fury's picture

Tyll...great pix and what a great idea:   start out in the most barron technology-free place on the planet before heading into a whirlwind of geek toys!      Im sure you were able to enjoy some great tunes while driving thru that picturesque landscape!    Cant wait to read all about your thoughts on CES.....of course im equally scared to do so...it means there will be many many more pairs of cans to be purchased in 2013!!

Peace .n. 2 Wheelin



Lofty's picture


What is that you're drinking? I hope it isn't Red Bull. That stuff is bad for you.

Tyll Hertsens's picture

New Belgium brewing co. Shift beer in a can.

I can't stand that Red Bull stuff. Blech.

ultrabike's picture

Really nice pics. I didn't know you had a dual-sport motorcycle.

It's been relative kind of cold in California these days, but I guess relative to Montana, it's mild weather...

Be careful about the she-ml lego, you don't know where it's been!

Hope you have a great time at Vegas and CES.

lennardgarnett's picture

I wanted to attend CES 2013 event that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada but when I checked the booking calendar for my holiday home from Pahrump I saw it was occupied till the end of the week. I hate staying at hotels and decided to stay at home, hopefully the next year I will have the chance to attend the CES 2013 event.

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