CES 2013: Motorheadphones

I spent a good bit of time listening to Anders Nicklasson's justification for the idea of rocker endorsed headphones, and his argument was quite compelling. Claiming to have some access to Spotify's music listening data, he stated that rap-like music is about 17% of Spotify's streamed content as opposed to a 20% share of rock music. If rock is larger in the broad consuming public's listening habits, why aren't rocker endorsed headphones just as large a category as rapper endorsed cans? Good question methinks. I reckon Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin headphones will be along shortly.

Nicklasson claims the missing ingredient in the sound of headphones for rock music is a solid midrange and the ability to play very loud without distortion, and that the new Motorheadphones address this need. The line includes three headphone models: Bomber (on-ear, $99); Iron Fist (around-ear, $119), and Motorizer (around-ear $129). And six in-ear models: Trigger Black, Silver, and Brass ($49), and Overkill Black, Silver, and Brass ($59).

The prices and durability seemed very, very good indeed, but to my ears on quick listen the sound quality seemed quite strident on the headphone models. (I didn't test the in-ears.) However, just like I found myself enjoying the basshead tuning of the V-Moda M-100 for EDM and the like, maybe there is a similar coloration that will excite rock fans. Regardless, this feels like the start of something new to me, and I suspect Motorheadhones will do very well with the "headphones for rockers" approach.

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Unless you mean the Sinclair novel, I think you mean Aerosmith.

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Woops.  fxt

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