CES 2013: Otterbox

I lived with an Australian Shepard puppy for a while that would try to eat anything...including my iPhone. Thank goodness it was securely ensconced in an Otterbox Defender case. The silicon rubber on the outer case was shredded, but the internal plastic case and hard clear plastic screen cover protected it perfectly and the iPhone survived the munching without a scratch. Made me a big-time believer and more than happy to shell out a chunk of money for a quality protection product...cheap insurance, no?

This year Otterbox is taking the Defender Case series and dialing it up a notch with built in batteries to extend the charge life of the smartphone within. Also included in the purchase is an app that, in a very complex and comprehensive way, determines the remaining time for the current charge. It's all covered in the video so you can check it out there.

Additionally, and I love this, Otterbox is adding an even more durable and protective line of cases above the Defender products called the Armor series. Currently available only for the Galaxy S3, and iPhone 4 and 5 (more phones will be added), these cases are massively water, dust, crush, and drop proof. I fondled one at the show and it sure seemed indestructible!

I'm gonna get one of each of these products sometime soon and review them because I thought I couldn't be happier than I was with the Otterbox Defender cases I already have, but Otterbox evidently thinks otherwise.