CES 2013: Perfect Sound

Most Audiophiles used to really disparage headphones. In times gone by I would walk into a demo room in the high-end areas of CES and ask if they had any headphone stuff...you'd have thought by their response I'd just farted in their room. These days, most just say, "No, sorry" and turn away. Headphones seemed to have gained just a bit of credibility.

The really cool thing these days is that in maybe 1 in 10 rooms, the answer will be "Yes!" In the high end areas it's often an electronics maker that has just released a headphone amp, but speaker makers like Martin Logan, PSB, Velodyne, and others will now often respond they have a new headphone. What doesn't happen very often is having an unknown headphone maker showing up in the Venetian suites out of the blue. I had no idea who Perfect Sound was as I walked in the door, and boy was I surprised when the answer to my question was, "Yes, we are a headphone maker."

Patty Chou showed me through their small line of headphones, and to my surprise their full-size Dido D901B sounded really good. A bit bass heavy perhaps, but not outrageously so. When I asked the selling price, however, I was a bit shocked to hear $780! The chrome metal construction was nice, but protean leather ear pads and headband pad should be real leather at that price point, I feel. The headphones come with a headphone stand, which is a nice touch, but no carry case other than the cardboard box it came in.

I've just received a pair here for further listening and measurement, so keep your eye out for comments in the coming month's Update for results.