CES 2013: Philips

I was much much impressed last year with the massive effort Philips put forth with a very broad line of new headphones and especially with the Fidelio L1 ($299) previously reviewed here. This year Philips continued fleshing out the line with additional colors and finishes for the M1 mobile headset ($249), and the addition of a new high-end model called the X1 ($399) which I look forward to receiving for measurements and an extended listen. Additionally coming down the pipe to finish up the Fidelio line will be two apparently dynamic driver in-ear models, the S1 ($129) and S2 ($169).

The headphones that really caught my attention this time was the Philips SHL3000 ($29). These very low cost cans sounded very good for the price, and come in a wide variety of colors. A great headphone for the kids in the back of the van, buy one for each child (in different colors maybe for identification) and you're good to go for those long road trips.