CES 2013: Pro-Ject

I have a deep and abiding passion for what I would term "desktop audio". Maybe I just like cute boxes, but I think it's really far more than that. I love my music, I want music when I work, but I can't work in a listening room. I work at a desk, so somehow I have to bring my listening room to my desk. Now, a little USB headphone amp and a pair of headphones gets me a long way there, but where's my FM tuner? I love my Harbeth HL-P3ES-2 speakers, but where's my miniature power amp? What about a little CD player? Hell, what about a little phono stage? Sure, you can go round up small versions of these things, but I want something cool on my desk and not some mumbo-jumbo wad of wires with little boxes strewn about. What I want is a little rack-'n-stack stereo system that looks like shrunken version of my big rig.

CES2013_ProJectStackEnter Pro-Ject and their very cool looking "Box Design" lines of desktop audio gear. Leading the charge to bring you a complete desktop solution, Pro-Ject CEO Heinz Lichtenegger has created not one, but three complete lines of desktop audio gear from CD players, FM tuners, and file streamers at the front end, to headphone and power amps at the back end, to the all important final touches that really bring things together like rack systems and a remote control. Bottom line: By the time I left the Pro-Ject booth I was salivating to get my hands and ears on one of these systems.

I'll let Heinz tell you about the gear.

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Finally, project gets recogniition for its awesome stuff

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It's very exciting to see Pro-ject's new products. I'm curious about how their headphones sound like. That's something new they've started. Also would be very curious to read about and listen to their new DAC. I have a pro-ject turntable I'm very pleased with. 

Thanks for the video!

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Great looking DAC/Amp, and with pretty serious specs too. Nice!
I'm really looking forward to a thorough review of that incredibly sexy unit, and the cans of course.


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Someone is jamming Flex Pavilion and Two Fingers in the background there. Great stuff. Really interested in their higher end desktop systems.

Any incoming review on the desktop stuff?

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...I need to chat with them a bit to decide what kind of system to bring in, but I'm working on it.