CES 2013: Section 8

In the past I'd not have given a booth like this a second glance as I walked past, but this year I was bound and determined to try everything and anything I could get my hands on. Color me surprised! The full-sized Signature Edition cans ($149.99) at the Section 8 booth were pretty good sounding at the price, and I'm looking forward to receiving a sample for measurement and a listen. The only question now is what artist to have emblazoned upon them.

In addition to a wide range of iPhone cases and in-ear models, Section 8 will be coming out with Bluetooth wireless headphones, and a model that allows you to control your iDevice with sweep gestures on the ear piece similar to the Parrot Zik headset I reviewed recently.

(I wonder if they make a Thelonious Monk edition?)

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 Tyll,  come back from the darkside!

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Their wealth of designs is nice, but section 8 as a name? I don't want me or other people to think about low income housing when putting them on. Government subsidized headphones, think about it...

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so tacky it makes my eyes hurt. 

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You don't think that any of your readers would seriously consider getting one of those Elvis Presley headphones with volume control, do you?! The only worse offering I've seen from CES this year are Beyerdynamic's Custom One Pro, with a switch that turns the headphone from a sealed can to an open one, lol. Coming from a company like Beyerdynamic the only thing I can say is, Pathetic!

It's also kind of dissapointing to see these "thingys" after you reviewed the SR-009 and some fabulous electrostatic Amps, and after you showed such a healthy dose of sincerity in your December update, excluding a series of incompetent products that don't deserve a review.

I think I was enjoying your motorbike diaries and desert pics a lot more, lol

Anyhow, you're still in debt with the CEntrance hifi M8 ;) Looking forward to it.

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...will come along at the end.  I quite liked it!

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We headphone enthusiasts are on the precipise of an interesting time...for years we've spent more on headphones than most folks do for the media delivering their sound...for years we've thrown names around like Sennheiser, Grado, Shure, etc which were unidentifiable to 99% of the masses who knew either the headphones that came with their player or, maybe, a pair of sony headphones...for years we've known what it is to realllly HEAR the music as it was created.

Times are changing.

Now we see high end, $$,   'celebrity' endorsed headphones.    The sound produced by these is across the boards.   I believe, for the most part,  it is an all around good thing as the headphones in question are typically far better than folks have used before.  HOWEVER there's also alot of them that are ridiculsously overpriced for the sound they produce and are, in most cases,  being purchased for a fashion statement or to be 'cool' (im looking at you Beats...sorry to single out..but you're guilty)...as is the case the trend pushes us away from these makers.   And..in alot of cases...thats probably good.   But i find that some of these manufactuers are trying to up the game with sound as well...and therefore i dont want to discount them.   That why i dig this site so much...Tyll and his cohorts give us the honest to goodness analysis of the sound...and...occasionaly one or two of these new fashion 'phones come up with some great sounds...im all for it.    You can bet we'll see a LOT of them at CES...here's to finding the best sound for the best value and running with it!

Peace .n. Living in Stereo


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I agree with 3ToF. I'm appreciative about Tyll's and others efforts in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding great sound.

I do place some value in presentation... It may not be the Elvis, Lady Gaga, or Snooki look, but I certainly like how the P5s, HD558, SR-009, among others look. So in that sense I can't say I'm indiferent to appearance. However, if there is something that sounds great at the right price, but it's wrapper is FAIL, some might consider modding the looks of it... Some might like the wrapper the way it is....

I personally do not like the looks of Monster's Diamond Tears headphones, but they did not sound offensive to me at all. They are a little pricey and don't care for Monster cables, but I would recommend the Diamond Tears to someone that digs their looks.

I'm definitively intersted in finding out if Tyll digged out some great sounding phones among these and anothers at the right price.

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I don't think the Section 8 name comes from the Government Housing, but rather from the Military Section 8 which is the section of the military code for discharges for GI's who are several cards short of a full deck (crazy).  So to me, that sort of makes sense given all the crazy styles this company offers!

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Hey Tyll, this is going to be really random, but in our daily school newspaper, there was a section dedicated to audio satisfaction and Innerfidelity was mentioned in it!

I just thought this was so cool and I wanted to thank you so much for making such a big impact in the way regular 'ol consumers view audio products, whether it be good or bad. Your reviews and measurements have definitely made an impact on my own personal purchases and even though I disagree with some of your findings/opinions, I highly respect the work you do.

Here is the online version of the article if you are interested:


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....thanks for the link. I'll keep working at it.