CES 2016: Comply One-Size-Fits-(Almost)All Earphone Tips

With tips for sport, comfort, and isolation, in four different sizes, Comply had a problem: How to make point-of-purchase earphone tip displays simpler for both stockists and consumers? Answer: Make a one-size-fits-all earphone tip and just display three alternatives: Isolation (what we're all used to), Sport (a more ear canal gripping, more acoustically open tip), and Sport+ (Sport with an additional barrier filter for heavy exercise).

CES2016_Comply_Photo_CLoseUpThe magic is in a new core—the central part of the tip that attaches to the earphones—which is now made of a very flexible material. In addition to the flexibility, the bore of the core has some annular features to better connect to the earphone nozzle, and it is made of a material that provides high surface "grippiness" on small nozzle diameters when mechanical grip is low.

Sound isolating foam...surface grip...very flexible core...if this sounds like a materials science problem to you, then you're getting it. I've had nice long chats with these guys many times over the years and it's quite obvious that their web site isn't kidding when they say:

We won't get into the finer details of how it works. Just know we're scientists. Pioneers in foam tip technology. So we've tested it. A lot.

Specialists in bioengineering and foam materials, Comply's passion for both science and sound has put them on the forefront of a nice little empire telling everyone from audiophiles, to soldiers, to the hard-of-hearing to stick it in their ear. It's a great time to be alive for smart geeks.

Speaking of smart geeks, I'll let Comply's Director of Engineering, Chris Hudson, tell you the full story in the video. He does a much better job than I possibly could explaining these new tips.

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I just always buy the Shure M Isolation ones for my, well.. Shures. Have both the se215 and se535 and those fit and isolate great. Switch them about every 3 months (heavy use, around 5-6 hours a day) and they come with 5 pairs in a pack so you only have to buy a new pack every other 1,5 year or so.

ps: Small tangent but, bought both the se215 and se535 on Tyll's recommendation and I LOVE them! Also bought the Philips Fidelio X1 without testing just cause of your review and they are my favourite headphones that I own. You are the only review guy I trust blindly. Guess the sound signatures we prefer are very similar :)
Just wanted to say thanks I guess! Keep on the awesome work.