CES 2017: Audio Technica New Low-Cost and Mid-Priced Sealed Headphones

If you read my comments on Audio Technica in my ranking of headphone manufacturers, you'll know I'd like to see them hitting the middle of the road hard. Well, it looks like they're moving in that direction and I'm digging it.

First up, a couple new mid-priced cans, the ATH-SR5, a $149 over-ear, sealed headphone that I thought was well worth another listen in the comfort of my lab here in Montana. Right along side it was it's wireless sibling, the ATH-SR5BT ($199) a Bluetooth version of the same headphone. Very happy to see them trying to put a dent at these very competitive price points; this is just what they should be doing.

Also at the show was a new headphone a step above the ATH-SR7 I reviewed favorably, the ATH-SR9 ($449). The headphone features 45mm drivers with a "diamond-like carbon" coating to increase diaphragm stiffness, OFC voice coils, and what AT calls "Midpoint Mount Technology, which ensures uniform space in front of and behind the diaphragm, and an acoustic resistor in each driver that helps control airflow around the diaphragm for smooth, natural audio reproduction across the entire frequency range." Could be a bunch of marketing babble, but they did sound well worth a second extended listen and measure.

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But who isn't these days? : )

My only experience with AT headphones are the ones at Guitar Center and the like, namely the M50, M40, etc. And I always found them very uncomfortable on my ears, and wooden sounding. I'll be curious to see how these perform though (especially how they fit!) once they're under the IF microscope.

The on-ears certainly remind of the Solo2, which were also very uncomfortable on my ears. If they aren't comfortable, I won't use em, no matter how good/neutral they sound (hear that, HP mfrs?!).

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...for braving all the pimps & hookers in LV to bring us AV dudes the news btw, Tyll. It's always appreciated.

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