CES 2017: Beyerdynamic Amiron Premium Home Listening Headphone

Beyerdynamic has introduced a new headphone aimed at the "Home Listening" category. The full-sized, over-ear, open acoustic Amiron is priced at $599. I see this—assuming it's good sounding—as an excellent move. The $500-$1000 headphone category is sparse and in need of legit competition. Beyerdynamic is well positioned to capitalize in this category. The brand's recognition is fairly strong, which will be an advantage here. Though not as large as the broad consuming market, $500-$1000 headphones is not a category limited to the small enthusiast-only $1000+ category. "Asperational" is the term often used for premium markets such as this and the Beyerdynamic brand could certainly play well here.

The Amiron is a continuing evolution of the Tesla driver line. It's nice to see a headphone with a 250 Ohm impedance in this ev er-increasing world of sub-100 Ohm drivers. Beyer has wisely chosen to include a three meter OFC cable for home listening, and optionally available three meter OFC balanced cable with four-pin XLR, and shorter 1.4 meter OFC cable for times when a short cord is less cumbersome. Also available is a hard-side, clam-shell, carry case.

My quick listening impression was of a slightly "U" shaped response, but with less treble harshness that I've experience with previous full-sized Tesla cans from the maker. To quote from the Amiron product page:

The Tesla system has now been further refined for use in Amiron home. Modifications to the transducer have diminished unwanted vibrations to an absolute minimum and completely eliminated annoying treble resonances. More precise than ever, the sound tuning will amaze even the most discerning music enthusiasts.

Seems they've been listening to feedback from enthusiasts. Well done, Beyer!

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Tyll: "less treble harshness that I've experience with previous full-sized Tesla cans "

Thanks for the prelim impressions!

I had T70P and while I enjoyed them (with proper pads, not the original), they had too much sizzle-tizzle-stinging for me.

Does the Amiron only have less or is the harshness gone?

Hope you have a chance to review them in the future.

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(edited/slightly tweaked from a comment I left on Headphonia)

I have a HiFiMan HE-400i, and recently bought an Amiron.

1) The Amiron really feels like there’s a speaker right next to your ear (in terms of soundscape); broad and detailed. The 400i is detailed, too, but I do get treble fatigue if I’m listening to movies/music past the 3hr mark. 400i also has a smaller and more intimate soundscape. No treble fatigue whatsoever with the Amiron. Where the Amiron pulls away from the 400i is in the mids — everything is just a full level nicer, and the mid/sub-bass is tighter and punchier. There’s just more impact on everything from treble to bass (perhaps that Tesla technology + dynamic driver is the key?).
I like the 400i’s sound quality a lot, but the Amiron gets the nod here.

2) The Amiron blows away the 400i in terms of comfort (I have a big head). 400i is actually pretty comfortable for me, but the Amiron is 2.5 levels above (for that matter, the Amiron is more comfortable to me than the Fostex T50RP MK3 w/Shure Alcantara mod, HiFiMan HE-400s, or even the Sony MDR-1A). It even beats out the Philips SHP9500 in this dept (while the SHP9500 is lighter, the pads on the Amiron are a lot better) -- it's basically a combination of the best comfort feature of the MDR-1A (very pleasing level of clamp) with the feather-light feel of the SHP9500. And the pads are practically perfect for my needs. By far, the most comfortable headphones I've ever had the pleasure of trying on. Easy win for the Amiron here.

3) The Amiron is built out of some very nice quality materials — it feels well manufactured and relatively durable (I’m really glad to see Beyerdynamic not making any compromises in the materials, as I think this is one of the big distinguishing features of a Beyer). I don’t have any real issues with the materials of the HE-400i (nice, if unspectacular) but the Amiron beats it readily in this regard. I do wish the cup covers were metal instead of plastic, though (but that's more of a nitpick than anything, as the plastic seems pretty durable). Another big win for the Amiron.

4) The dual 2.5mm jacks are really nice to see on the Amiron (one of the reasons I shied away from getting a T90). Slightly snug fit on the Amiron; the 400i’s 2.5mm jacks were slightly easier to fit on. A tie for both headphones, as no one was a clear winner this category.

5) The 400i has swivel cups, which is a very nice feature that I wish the Amiron had, so I guess the 400i wins in the “convenience” category.

Overall? Ever since I bought the Amiron, it has replaced the 400i as my primary headphone of choice for all applications (movies, music, gaming). IMO, overall it’s a full 1.5 levels of improvement over the 400i [if that makes any sense], without being nearly as treble fatiguing (not that the 400i is as bad in that dept as other models I have tried). I’m very glad to have bought the Amiron; for me, it just pleases on every level and gets better with every listen. A nice, neutral-sounding, extremely comfortable headphone with good overall clarity and impact, without annoying treble fatigue. Bravo Beyerdynamic!

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I've been listening to these alongside the Sennheiser HD600 and Focal Elear and have been picking the Beyers up every time.

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