CES 2017: Blue Microphone Sadie and Ella Powered Headphones

In yet another case evidencing how hard it is to get headphones right, Blue Microphones have produced a next generation of their unusual take on headphones...and that's a good thing.

Previous incarnations of these headphones have been a disappointment, not because of poor sound quality—they did sound pretty good—but because of poor comfort. The original Blue MoFi was too heavy and had significantly uncomfortable clamping force. The Subsequent Lola was better—and better sounding—but for me seemed to exert undue pressure low, behing my jaw.

Evidently, Blue Microphone was listening as the newly introduced Sadie ($399) and Ella ($699) were much more comfortable for me. Weight, clamping pressure, and headphone geometry have all been changed for the better.

The Sadie uses a 42mm micro-fiber dynamic driver, and the Ella uses a 50mm planar magnetic driver. Cool beans! Both products have built in "audiophile" quality amplifiers according to the firm, but both cans can go into passive mode for use with external amps. There is one more mode that intends to replace bass lost in the master cutting of vinyl. I'm no expert here, but I thought that bass compression in master cutting was a somewhat dynamic process and not a fixed amount. Interested in feedback in the comments below.

Samples have been requested!

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"replace bass lost in the master cutting of vinyl"

She's cute though..

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My budget CDs of late 60s to early 70s have often seemed light in true bass and sadly bloated in high bass - low midrange. But most bass boost doesn't improve the overall if the low kids are too forward. On rare occasion tho, a bass boost is welcome and rescues the emotion I had when I thought my Panasonic table radio really delivered over my portable cassette player. Hey, a lot of this reaction is relative to my expectations!

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I'm realizing my desire to have the Blue amp when my iPhone doesn't have a HP jack is foolish. Such a new headphone choice ought to be Lightning enabled. Otherwise I might as well stick to existing. passive & portable DAC amp combo. I realize Blue is proud of their all- analog amp but Oppo pairs a DAC with an analog amp and touts those benefits. So could Blue.

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Great review/interview Tyll!! Thanks.

I also tried the Lola headphones and thought they were pretty amazing! Only other headphones I like better are the AKG K55X series, but the Sadie might be as good or better?