CES 2017: Klipsch Upcoming Heritage Headphone Line

In what amounts to a very early pre-view, Klipsch spilled the beans on their upcoming Heritage line of headphones. Three models were shown:

  • The Heritage HP-3 ($999) their flagship around-ear, semi-open headphone featuring 52mm biocellulose drivers and machined metal, milled Walnut, and real leather construction. Balanced cable options will be available at time of purchase.
  • The Heritage HP-2 ($399) a semi-open on-ear design featuring 40mm biocellulose free-edge driver, and machined metal, milled Walnut, and real leather construction.
  • The Heritage HP-1 ($299-$499) a semi-sealed on-ear design that will be available in wired, wireless, and wireless ANC configurations featuring a 40mm biocellulose free-edge driver.

Vlad Grodzinskiy, chief headphone engineer at Klipsch, was very excited to provide folks with an early peak at the Heritage line expected to appear in time for the holiday season late this year. He wanted to get as much early feedback as possible. I did spend a bit of time listening to the HP-1. These are early prototypes and the two examples in the booth did sound a bit different: one was a bit tizzy, but the other quite a bit smoother. Obviously it's still early on, but I'm very much looking forward to evaluating the released product.

On another note entirely, check this out:


In the year 1919, when Paul Klipsch was but a 15 year old kid, his first foray into the world of audio was a pair of DIY headphones! How cool is that?

Vlad will fill you in on all of the above in the video.

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This is more like it, Tyll - I look forward to your impression of all of the new Klipsch models. I know they're usually not the stuff of audiophile dreams - at least not for most of their speakers or 'phone line - but like Philips they're usually realistically priced (even if that HP-3 looks a tad expensive for mine), and I'd like to hear more from the fringes (Klipsch, JVC, JBL, Panasonic etc). You are one of very few 'name' reviewers who has a sufficiently open mind to go near a lot of this gear and I salute you for that.