CES 2018: Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Affordable Sealed Headphones

Like most manufacturers, I find Beyerdynamic's more expensive offerings a bit hit and miss; but unlike most manufacturers I'm pretty consistently impressed by Beyerdynamic's lower cost products. Check out my reviews of the $59 DTX 350 m and now discontinued DT 235. Both really good values.

The good news is that Beyerdynamic hasn't been resting on their laurels. I asked Pete Carini, "What's new?" when I entered the booth. Knowing my penchant for good sounding cheap headphones he pointed me towards Beyer's recently released DT 240 Pro, a (barely) over-ear sealed headphone that goes for $99. A quick listen on my AK240 and I was sold. This thing is really good for the money. Fairly well balanced, solid bass, no sins of commission in the treble.

I immediately asked him to send me one for review. "I can do better than that!", he said as he reached under a counter and produced one new in the box. I almost refused. I never accept headphones at a show even though it's been offered many times...I just don't have the room to lug headphones around. But in this case I made an exception—it's a small headphone and since I was only at the show for two days I had a little extra room in my bags.

The measurements are here. You'll have to wait for my review for more words from me, but Pete will tell you all about them in the video.

View on YouTube here.

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Measurements look like it could sound a little thick? It has a downward slope but still seems higher in level slightly beyond 200hz.

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Hook them up and pull the line. lol
The company is a real class act, very professional and they care for their costumers and fans. I would buy those headphones just for the fun of it but I got too many Beyer headphones already. XD They look really nice and I applaud the detachable cable.

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You are discovering some very interesting HP there! I enjoy reading your initial impressions, and look forward to your reviews. Good work!

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I wonder how they compare to something like the AKG K182. Same product category, similar price.

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Always on top of things! Thanks for putting something up about this. Looking at the measurements, it might be out for my tastes, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you think when you dig in for a full review.

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I often hear good things about Beyerdynamic but havent had personal experience with their gear. They dont have much representation on the Wall o Fame, which has been a key factor in headphones i buy (Kudos to Tyll and Innerfidelity team for their work). Looking forward to hearing more about this model and the brand in general. If any y'all have personal fav's from Beyer, feel free to share in this thread!

Peace .n. Living in Stereo


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I enjoy their DT1350 which came out six years ago or so and was their "professional monitor" version of the T50 portable. Now they have the T51p/i which Tyll likes more, although the 1350 I use now is a special metal cup version that I got off eBay. They improved the earpads on them after their early releases so it seals better on the ear. Anyway, Beyer has been around a long time, since the early 20s and may be the first (?) headphone company, or one of the first. Certainly the oldest still around today. Their DT880 is often held up for comparison against audiophile favorites like the HD600 and now they have newer full-sized cans like DT1770 and DT1990 which look good and have reviewed well, but I have not heard them. The T1 (their flagship) from a few years back, which the 1350 might be compared to, bothered some people's ears in the treble region and they released a second gen version similar to how Sennheiser released the HD800s to address complaints about its treble. But those are out of my purchasing range and I often wonder if they really sound as good as their price tag would suggest. I figure once you go over $1500 you should be considering STAX or near field speakers.

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