CES 2018: Echobox Explorer and IEMs

Echobox seems to be doing well. I remember when Warren Chi drug me over to their 10 foot booth at CES in 2015. This year they showed up in the center of the floor in a big open 50 footer with lots of cheerful faces showing off the gear.

The ergonomically flask shaped Explorer ($599) remains their only digital audio player offering, but seems to have matured nicely over time. This fully open source Android OS player will allow you to load all your favorite Android media playing apps, and Tidal is preloaded with 3-month free trial subscription. The Explorer is wifi and Bluetooth enabled for completely wireless listening, and loaded with 64Gig of RAM with a microSD slot available for expansion.

The original single dynamic driver Finder IEM ($99) is now joined by two other wired models: the flagship Nomad ($249) single 9.2mm PEEK driver earphone with MMCX cable connectors, and the entry level Traveler ($79), which is available in four colors. All models have Titanium bodies, which are claimed to be extremely durable, and cable mounted mic/remotes—all model are available in both Android and iOS flavors.

They'll also soon be releasing a Bluetooth headset with batteries in the housings so only the remote weighs down the connecting cable, and the earpieces magnetically snap together. Ashley give us the rundown in the video!

View on YouTube here.