CES 2018: MEE Audio Matrix Cinema Wireless Sealed Headphones

I was a big fan of the MEE Audio's Matrix 2 affordable Bluetooth headphones of a few years ago...the Matrix 3 not so much. Sounds to me like they're coming back smart and centered with their latest and upcoming releases. For this post I'll feature their new $149 Matrix Cinema Bluetooth sealed over-ear headphone.

In the video Mike makes the strong point that people spend as much time listening to movies and Youtubes as they do music these days. I believe it. As such, it does make sense to cater to that use case. Speech intelligibility is super important for watching movies and I've come to believe headphone tuning should probably be a bit different for movies and video than music. The big question is how different.

The Matrix Cinema has four presets you can toggle through for a claimed improved experience for these uses. The presets are: music, with a flat response; movies, with slightly elevated response where consonant sounds live (about 2kHz to 4kHz); hearing impaired, like the movie setting but a bit more elevated and includes higher frequencies; and bass emphasis. No surprise, the bass emphasis setting was a little over the top. But the other settings seemed quite tasteful and useful to me on quick listen, and the headphones sounded pretty good on the whole. Should be available this spring. MEE also produces a two channel aptX Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter with very low latency you can hook up to your TV for movie watching at home.

Also on display was an upcoming app for the soon to appear wireless cans that allows you to use a parametric EQ to tune the headphones to your liking and store the curve in your MEE headphones.


And, as if that's not enough, MEE has an Universal MMCX Balanced Audio Cable With Adapter Set that includes adapters for the current crop of balanced connection on high-end portable DAPS for $99.

I left the booth thinking, "You know, these guys get it." Decent sound, relevant gear, reasonable prices. What's not to like?

Mike Jones talks about the Matrix Cinema in the video.

View on YouTube here.

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