Drop T-X0 II Headphone available for Pre-order

The T-50rp headphones are something of a watershed product in the headphone market. While they’re best known for being a heavily modded headphone, it’s more the after-effects of the mods that have really shaped the community and many prominent companies.

ZMF and Mr. Speakers for example, two of the best-known enthusiast-run companies in the business, started with a humble series of T-50 mods. Likewise, others such as Dekoni have done interesting work with earpads and continue to modify these headphones.

In a certain sense, I think that the popularity of these headphones was one of a couple key driving forces behind the ‘planar revolution’ which gripped the head-fi community a few years back. If you couldn’t afford the flagship Audeze headphones, T-50’s modded either by yourself or by the myriad of one-man shops that appeared circa 2014 was an excellent, and usually more cost-effective alternative.

The levels of resolution are quite astonishing that some of these companies were able to draw out of the T-50, which in its original form had a mediocre frequency response but startlingly good resolution for the price. I had a pretty hardcore mod habit a few years back, and I can attest to just how much potential the T-50 driver has. The low mids and bass were always a little fuzzy, and while bass texture was nice, the slam and dynamics always seemed a bit muted. But that midrange resolution and treble smoothness, outside of a 10khz peak had a little special something that couldn’t be denied. Furthermore, the headphone itself responds quite audibly to modification and the housing is fairly durable, withstanding many teardown and reassembly sessions – yet another reason this headphone captured so many modders’ attention early on.

Now, Drop is launching an update to their original take on the T-50, the T-X0 I, with the T-X0 II. There are two sets of earpads and damping foam, allowing you to customize the headphones signature, as well as a couple of updates on the basic design itself. The earpads are a new all-leather option to the original combined fabric/perforated leather option. The edges fold around a recessed channel, much like ZMF earpads, and are pretty easy to remove and replace once you’ve done it a few times. Inside the housing Drop supplies a choice of two materials to place around the baffle and adjust frequency response. They claim that between the combination of earpads and damping material enthusiasts should be able to find a happy tuning to suit hip-hop, classical or anything in-between.

Additionally, Fostex and Drop claim an improved frequency response, cleaned-up bass and midrange, and they’ve added a thick leather headstrap as well. Drop also claims the pads are thinner and more comfortable than the original T-X0. Both of these areas were popular targets for the mod community, so I’m happy to see these companies so clearly paying attention, and I’m looking forward to reviewing these headphones.

Pre-orders will opened up June 18th at a special pre-order only price of $180 USD, which will late increase to $220 USD after July 18th. You can click HERE to pre-order them.