HRT Music Streamer Pro USB D/A converter Ripped

Sidebar 1: Ripped

Here is an example of the error data for a single track, included as a separate log file with an XLD FLAC rip of "Mort d'Eurydice" from Pierre Favre's Fleuve (ECM 1977):

Track 01
Filename: /Users/jiverson/Desktop/01 Pierre Favre Ensemble—Mort d'Eurydice.flac
Pre-gap length: 00:02:00
CRC32 hash: F1FAB02B
CRC32 hash (skip zero): 2B53BAA0
AccurateRip signature: 101378F8
–>Accurately ripped! (confidence 9)
Read error 0
Skipped (treated as error) 0
Edge jitter error (maybe fixed) 0
Atom jitter error (maybe fixed) 0
Drift error (maybe fixed) 0
Dropped bytes error (maybe fixed) 0
Duplicated bytes error (maybe fixed) 0
Jon Iverson

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Los Angeles, CA 90038
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sandrajason's picture

I am having a music instrument repair in wood bridge and I am going to use this and sell the entire thing as a combo. I think this would certainly reduce the losses at the speaker end and that's great.