InnerFideliBits: Audeze and Astell & Kern Contest; Audeara Custom Headphone Tuning; Apple Music Market Share; Chesky Interplay Deal

Hiya! Welcome back to InnerFideliBits, our bi-weekly headphone news column! In this edition, Hifiheadphones UK offers a change to win a little something with every purchase of an Audeze headphone, Audeara personalizes headphone tuning and profiles, Apple Music's market share comes to light, and Chesky offers a deal on their "Interplay" jazz album!


Contest News: Hifiheadphones Contest

Hifiheadphones is opening up an interesting contest for the month of August. Whenever you purchase an Audeze headphone from them, you will be entered in a contest to win an Astell & Kern AK jr. If you'd like a slick portable source to accompany your new Audeze headphone, this could be your chance!

For more info, check out the Head-Fi announcement thread.


Industry News: Audeara Custom Headphone Recommendations

Audeara is a new company which is developing headphones that adjust your hearing based on a number of medically approved hearing tests that the headphones will be able to conduct themselves. The headphones will also have the ability to compensate for device inaccuracies. The headphones will also be bluetooth capable, with hard-line connection options available. The product is still in the development stages, but the concept and proposed execution sound quite interesting.

Visit the Audeara website for more info.

Streaming News: Apple Music Market Share

Apple Music is still relatively new, so the free trial offer means that there will be no subscriber data for the service for the next few months. DashGo, a marketing firm for independent music acts, has released a data point on Apple Music's relative performance in the streaming marketplace. DashGo CEO Ben Patterson spoke to recode in a July 30th article, informing the outlet that for his clients, Apple Music produces only 4% of streaming traffic. While this could be related to genre-specific exposure, this fairly miniscule rate of adoption could be indicative of a larger trend in streaming. We will see how Apple Music progresses as users enter the paid subscription period.

For more info, check out the full recode article.


Deal of the Day: Chesky Records "Interplay" Deal

The Chesky Records summer deal train rolls on. This week, Chesky is offering a 25% discount on their innovative "Interplay" jazz album when downloaded from HDTracks with the download code INTERPLAYHD25. Take this chance to download this fantastic album at a fantastic price!

For more info, check out the Head-Fi announcement thread.


Got any news you'd like me to check out? Leave a comment below and I'll look into it for the next InnerFideliBits!

audeara's picture

We're really glad you're as excited about our new headphones as we are Sean. Thanks for spreading the word and suggesting people head to our site We've already heard from a few people and they're now going to be on our early shipment list. James- Founder of Audeara

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If you don't mind me asking here, is the product
A.)Headphones + DSP for music listening & enjoyment
B.) A home audiologist kit for mapping out hearing loss or deficiencies
C.) A system for training "golden ears" and pointing out subtle audio nuances (useful for reviewers)


Thanks for clarifying! I'll check out the site this weekend.

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Hi EvShrug. It is in fact all three! A)It is a system to transform your music to make it perfectly suited to your ability to actually hear the music. B)It does this by performing an audiogram as often as you like so you can track your hearing. C) By allowing you to hear the balance of sounds as intended you will get a greater appreciation of the music and you can adjust and turn on and off your profile as you wish- if that gives you "Golden Ears" then what a bonus!