InnerFideliBits: Noble Savant Contest; Trinity Audio Vario; CanJam at RMAF 2015; Sennheiser Orpheus Theft

Hi there! Welcome back to InnerFideliBits, our bi-weekly headphone news column! In this edition, Noble gives away a unique pair of Savants, Trinity introduces the customizable Vario, CanJam at RMAF 2015 approaches, and a sticky-handed thief nabs Sennheiser's Orpheus setup!


Contest News: Noble Savant Contest

Noble is giving away a pair of Savant in-ears in the Pablo Prestige finish with a rather unusual contest. Contest entrants are asked to guess the final 4 numbers of the Wizard himself's BMW M3's current mileage. First to guess the correct number wins!

For more info, check out the Head-Fi contest thread.


New Product: Trinity Vario

Trinity made a splash just a few months ago with their Delta IEM. This time around the company is hitting the scene with a new variable headphone known rather aptly as the Vario. As of now, we know that the headphone will ship with a number of cables and pads, including balanced cables and velour pads.

For more info, check out the Head-Fi announcement thread.

Meet News: CanJam at RMAF 2015

It's that time of year again. The largest headphone gathering of the year will bring over 50 companies and thousands of headphone enthusiasts to Colorado's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Brace yourselves for grand announcements and releases!

For more info, check out the Head-Fi announcement thread.


Industry News: Sennheiser Orpheus Theft

The IFA conference is a chance for various tech companies around the world to strut their stuff. Sennheiser always brings the goodies, and this year was no exception. A thief was working behind the scenes at this year's show, however, and they made off with the most coveted headphone set ever created, the Orpheus. Oft valued in the super-$20,000 range, this setup is considered by many respected folks to be one of the best, if not THE best setup of all time. The thief also made away with a number of other products, including a pair of HD800s, some IE800s, and more. Let's band together as a community and find these folks!

For more info, including the serial numbers of the relevant products stolen, check out the Head-Fi thread.


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