InnerFidelity March Music Mix 2020

I hope you enjoy this playlist, whatever your status, whether working from home or still commuting.

For whatever reason there seems to be a relative surplus of country albums, and while only one that I heard made the list (more of a Blues album really) if you’re a country fan, this is your lucky month.

Whatever your tastes though, for better or worse, 2020 will be recalled as the beginning of a decade, and I’m already on the hunt for new and unusual sounds, chief of which this month was the Grouplove album which really stuck out to me as something quite interesting in the indie/alternative rock scene. There’s plenty of other great indie/alternative releases in 2020 so far in general, and an overall focus on rhythm.

Going back to those who may be ‘social distancing’ or self-quarantining, I’ll refrain from making any sweeping statements about COVID-19 here, there are plenty of trustworthy sources for good info on staying healthy and safe. I will however point out that many folks in the entertainment industry are really feeling the economic slump, and feeling it hard. The sudden cancellations and bans on large gatherings have totally cut off a large portion of revenues for many of the artists and engineers who make music possible.

So, if there is an artist you particularly enjoy, please consider purchasing a t-shirt, paying for a high-rez download off Bandcamp or supporting them in some small way if you are able. The crews who support touring, shows and even some recording studios are already feeling the burn, and artists aren’t far behind. These folks work hard to make the tunes without which we wouldn’t have hi-fi.

Streams from Qobuz also pay out significantly more than streams from such sources as Spotify, though while streaming is great, I’ll note that even the best streaming payouts pale in comparison to direct support. And high-rez downloads still sound really sweet if you have the hard drive space. In any case, please stay healthy and happy listening!

Qobuz playlist HERE.

  • Grouplove - Healer (Indie/Rock)
  • Snarky Puppy - Live at Royal Albert Hall (Jazz Fusion)
  • Ibrahim Electric - Time Machine (Jazz)
  • Four TET - Sixteen Oceans (EDM)
  • Shabaka and the Ancestors - We are sent here by history (Jazz)
  • Yumi Zouma - Truth or Consequences (indie pop)
  • Al Di Meola - Across the Universe (fusion)
  • Boomtown Rats - Citizens of Boomtown (Rock)
  • Portico Quartet - Trajectory (Jazz Fusion)
  • Thomas Dybdahl - FEVER (Soul)
  • Ultraista - Sister (Electronic)
  • Circa Waves - Sad Happy (Alternative)
  • Kenny Barron - Without Deception (Jazz)
  • Jose James - No Beginning No End 2 (R&B)
  • Swamp Dogg - Sorry You Couldn’t Make It (Country/Blues)

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Hi-the link takes be to February and when I search in quobuz for March nothing comes up.

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This is the 'March Music List' of music that came out in February.