InnerFidelity Podcast No. 1 with Ken Ball of Campfire Audio

Welcome to the premiere edition of the InnerFidelity Podcast featuring a brief shout out from new managing editor Rafe Arnott and then an in-depth interview with Campfire Audio CEO Ken Ball.

Featuring one-on-one interviews with everyone from high-fidelity headphone manufacturing heavyweights, musicians, artists, audio engineers and record and tape collectors, to long-time industry legends, audio technical experts and young up-and-coming headphone designers, host Brian Hunter takes listeners on an exciting aural journey every month with intelligence, wit and humour.

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Adam K's picture

I like the idea of the podcast.
It was nice to hear some more details about what the direction of the Innerfidelity will be.
All sounds very exciting.

jhanken's picture

i've been lurking on the ALO and Campfire website ever since i listened to this podcast!

Rafe Arnott's picture
Many more podcasts in the works with a lot of great headphone-centric individuals. So glad you enjoyed it!
Lawk's picture

A Podcast is cool, but will there be YouTube Video Reviews?

Rafe Arnott's picture
At this point video reviews are still up in the air, I'd say probably not, but short films featuring factory tours or interviews with headphone, or headphone-related manufacturers or lead designers is definitely something I'd like to explore.

Next Podcast is coming up very soon!

Simply Nobody's picture

Speaking about videos ....... It would be interesting to see videos of Hi-Fi shows headphone gear at RMAF, AXPONA, CanJam etc. for example ..........

abvolt's picture

Very well done guys is this podcast going to stay on this site ?

Rafe Arnott's picture
Thanks for the positivity, glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the podcast will have its own category, next one coming up shortly!