InnerFidelity Podcast No. 2 with Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio

Welcome to the second edition of the InnerFidelity Podcast which features an interview with Jason Stoddard, co-founder of Schiit Audio.

In this podcast Stoddard discusses the basics of audio design and what it's like to run a company with explosive growth. He teases with the musings of a man tasked with keeping up with the technological curve, creating the next best thing and holding on to the reigns of a market that reshapes itself every few years.

Even though budget-audio product seekers within the personal-audio community can be fickle at times, Stoddard continues to drive the market forward with new options and constant innovation.

Listen to Brian Hunter's microphone test track (discussed in the podcast) here and decide for yourself which mic you like better:

The InnerFidelity Podcast features one-on-one interviews with everyone from high-fidelity headphone manufacturing heavyweights, musicians, artists, audio engineers and record and tape collectors, to long-time industry legends, audio technical experts and young up-and-coming headphone designers, host Brian Hunter takes listeners on an exciting aural journey every month with intelligence, wit and humour.

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Schiit Audio
22508 Market Street, Newhall, CA 91321

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If this is what you came here for.

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First up: Microphone test. Both sound crisp but i prefer the sound profile of #1. It sounds more natural. #2 feels pitched a little high or a tad bit more piercing?

Second up: I cant wait to check out this podcast. We audio fans have a lot of options for gear out there. Its great to diversify and find what suits you best. When it comes to headphones, i like offerings from several different manufacturers. However, when it comes to amps and dacs, i have had such amazing experiences with Schiits products, that i rarely look elsewhere. This is driven by high quality gear, with great value per cost, across a very diverse range of offerings. Jason is a true ambassador of the community and his book chapters on headfi never fail to impress and educate. Thanks for interviewing him and sharing with us.

Peace .n. Living in Stereo

Three Toes o Fury

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I enjoyed this. Jason Stoddard is a great guy and his thoughts on audio (and HT and wine-pairing) are quite interesting.

Would love to hear from Mr Moffat as well.

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I was just about to delete Innerfidelity after one last look at all of Tyll's vast writings. There appeared a Jason Stoddard interview. Tyll and Steve Guttenberg introduced me to Schiit back in RMAF11. Phew.

Today, Jason seems mild, composed, thoughtful, insightful, deliberate and not at all sarcastically Angry. On top of all that he still seems disinterested in Burning the Customer.

I saw Jason & Mike in the Seminar at RMAF18 and felt kinda proud that I've been owning their Gear for all these years.

Should we be thinking that Harmon International will end up owning Schiit? I hope not.

I feel good about myself for owning Schiit gear since Schiit's early days.

I'm not a Schiit lover, I admire Stoddard & Moffat integrities .

Tony in Michigan