InnerFidelity Podcast No.8 with Jerry Harvey of JH Audio

Jerry Harvey has been leading the charge for custom IEM technologies for nearly as long as the product category has been around. His company JH Audio services the stage performance market, but the resulting evolution of earphone development has graced the personal audio consumer in equal parts. Harvey shares his stories working as a stage tech with Van Halen, his view on the cutting edge of balanced-armature drivers and what’s next for the growing cityscape of custom in-ear monitors. – Brian Hunter and Rafe Arnott

The InnerFidelity Podcast features one-on-one interviews with everyone from high-fidelity headphone manufacturing heavyweights, musicians, artists, audio engineers and record and tape collectors, to long-time industry legends, audio technical experts and young up-and-coming headphone designers, host Brian Hunter takes listeners on an exciting aural journey every month with intelligence, wit and humour.

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JH Audio
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