Jabra Move Sealed Bluetooth On Ear Headphones Measurements

Measurements Wired
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Measurements Bluetooth

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Raw frequency response plots show significant low bass variability with placement of headphones, which is common with on-ears. The remainder of response is quite immune to placement changes.

Low bass in wired response shows a gentle, if rough, rise below 200Hz. Lower midrange is likewise a bit rough, but nicely on target to about 800Hz. Subsequently the run-up to 3kHz peak is too flat, and the peak at least 5dB too low. Treble drop between 3kHz and 10kHz would be about the right profile, but it's starting off 5dB too low already. Note the small peak at 4.5kHz; because it's so low in relative level in wired mode it didn't stick out as a problem. Above 10kHz it drops further again making the "air" all but inaudible.

30Hz square wave is a bit hurky-jurky as indicated by the rough bass frequency response, but the wave form top remains well above zero demonstrating good bass extension.

300Hz square wave and impulse response both show too little initial transient amplitude, echoing the need for more treble response. Waveform after the initial transien is actually not excessive, but without the clarity of good transient response may begin to grain up the sound. I did hear the Moves as a bit rough.

THD+noise plot is remarkably good; very low distortion in the bass for a headphone of this type. Separation of the two plots show good power handling. Frankly I'm surprised it's this good.

Impedance plot shows the wired mode is connected directly to the drivers, which are nominally 36 Ohms impedance. Isolation is on par with headphones of this type. Needing 59mVrms to reach 90dB at the ear these will play fairly loud on portable devices in wired mode.

In the raw response in Bluetooth wireless mode you can see a pretty significant bass boost apear, roughly 8dB at 60Hz and falling off below. This is quite a bit too much boost to be called anywhere near neutral. Bass boos last only a bit too much into the mids. Response from 250Hz to 3kHz fairly close to targe, but does have a mild warm tilt. You can see in the compensated respons these headphone drawing a fairly straight line though with a bit too much tilt. (It should have some.)

30Hz square wave shows quite a sway back from going out of phase, likely through the low frequency AC coupling limit in the electronics. Distortion plots show the bass remains fairly clean. Though bass was boosted I did think the quality was fairly good.

300Hz square wave shows a more prominent initial peak, but remains a bit ragged.

I'd characterise this as a fairly good set of measurements for a $99 wireless headphone.

Jabra GN

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