Lightheaded Over Hair Loss?

When I saw this pop up in my headphone news feed I just couldn't believe it—looks way too weird to believe. The company claims the iGrow helmet illuminates the top of your head with LEDs and lasers that stimulate hair follicles to make them more healthy. They claim if you still have hair, no matter how thin, the device may help you regrow thicker hair.

There's a remote control for the device and the lights turn on and off in various patterns depending on the type of hair loss you have. I think they really screwed up on this point, they should have wired up the lights so they flicker on and off with the music. Evidently the earphones are there mainly to stabilize the gadget on your head, but they do work.

After perusing their website and noticing the FDA approval and lots of before and after pics, I gotta say it looks like it actually works. For $695 it better! If anyone buys one, please let me know so I can measure it.

Here's a link to their website and their video on how it works is below.

Click here if you can't see the video.

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You look like enough of a dork with it on your head.

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Tyll, this is a joke right?

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I think so...not quite sure.
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Get yours here;

You will be the envy of your thin haired peers.

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We should be buying these from the manufacturer, Apira Science,(see Tyll's link above), since they will not offer returns from other sellers. You never know, even though they are made in the USA, something could go wrong and you wouldn't be able to get some of your money back.

I could use one, if it isn't, in fact, way too late in my case. I might wait to see if Sennheiser comes out with a version, or Audeze, or someone who makes good cans. For the price it should incorporate some AR glasses. Those wouldn't detract from the dorkiness of this thing. They would compliment it. People may wonder what planet you are from, but they would probably leave you alone.

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And Seth, if you get one, we will NOT be wanting to see your before and after pictures.

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Saw these at Fry's last Friday. No joke.
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If it isn't a joke it should be. And yeah I'm BALD :)

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I believe andy samberg had a prototype in laser cats.

ps: 9month of burn in! must be some real good stuff.

Hifihedgehog's picture remove the top portion and combine it with some audiophile-class headphones.

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Tyll you must measure them!!!

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Don't forget to measure the length of your hair before and after listening. Also, the number of hairs on your head.

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How long before they become a sponsor on Head-fi and we see Jude trying to sell it as the best thing since the wheel in one of his strange videos?

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Note that "FDA cleared" means that they demonstrated that the device was significantly equivalent in design to another device that was approved. And that approved, for something like this, only means that the FDA decided it won't hurt you (not class 3). Or rather, is unlikely to hurt you. Doesn't mean they agree it works, just that they've decided to get out of the way.

I think it's stylin' in a Blade Runner kind of way.

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While this product clearly works as stated, there are important safety tips:

1) Do NOT accidentally spill chia pet seeds near or around unit. Failure to head warning may result in Chia-Person hairdo.

2) Do NOT use iGrow as a make-shift Miracle Gro AeroGarden for growing herbs. While it will work, your Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley will all have mustaches.

3) Do NOT sneak iGrow into local aquarium and attempt to place on sharks for funny photo-op "friggin sharks with friggin laser beams on their heads".

4) IGrow headphone specifications will be published shortly. The iGrow utilizes planar magnetic technology and is expected to present a sound profile on par with the new HiFiman HE-1000. Unfortunately said sound profile will only last a week or so as hair follicles which fall out during the growing process are temporarily magnetized and pretty quickly gunk up the diaphragms.

5) Rumors are that Apple and Beats will be unveiling their version of iGrow later this year. It will feature the famous Beats logo. It will cost 3 times what the iGrow does. It will grow hair only 1/2 as well. And it will sell to millions of teenagers who have no need for it.

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... is some fake diamonds and other jewels stuck all over it.

Badazzle that sucker and make it rally shine. Like those sparkly headphone Tyll posted a while back.

Just look at how much surface area there is to dress up! What an opportunity to impress your friends and coworkers. Or the other folks at Starbucks.

I don't even want royalties for the idea ;)

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... actually a full review is what is needed, hair growth measurements :)))
Wonder if the music one plays will have an impact on hair regeneration...
somehow I remembered this guy:

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They were a little bright for my taste.

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First the Vegematic and now this. I still didn't have a full head of hair I'd be in. I'll looking for this the next time I can't sleep. Might be the best infomercial ever.

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