LIttle Richard Dead at 87

The legendary artist who was nicknamed the "Architect of Rock & Roll" has died of Cancer at age 87. One of my friend's commented that they hadn't realized Little Richard was still alive, and in a certain way this is a testament to his popularity. He outlived almost all the musical titans who followed and were inspired by him: Prince, Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, Otis Redding, David Bowie and countless other Rock, Soul and Funk legends.

Humble beginnings as a 14 year old opening for Sister Rosetta Tharpe transformed into an explose debut in 1955 with his hit single 'Tutti Frutti.' The rest, as they say is history, and although Penniman only held the spotlight for a few key years in the 50's and early 60's the impact he made still resonates world wide.

He's credited with discovering Jimi Hendrix, inspiring musicians like Prince, David Bowie and Michael Jackson who would redefine the heights of success and shape the history of recorded sound for decades. Later in life he struggled to reconcile a career as a Rockstar with his Christian faith, but continued performing until 2013, and even made public appearances to accept awards and speak in interviews as recently as October 2019.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Little Richard, I've created a small playlist of some of my favorites of his. It's not long, and not particularly hi-fi quality, but hopefully for those Rock and Soul fans who are unfamiliar with his work it may provide some entertaining insight into the foundations of rock and soul music.


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May he rest in peace.

(Also, Mr.Grover Neville I see you are now the new editor.
Hats off for you dear sir, I'll be returning this old house.)

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Agreed! And thank you, Tyll left big shoes to fill, and I'm thinking hard on how to bring you folks content that can live up.
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This is a question about qobuz. When I realised I needed qobuz to listen to the playlist, I took advantage of a offer of Qobuz Premiere for free for a month. But I can only listen to 30second samples of each track. What else must I do?

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I've found that sometimes depending on the Region, some areas may have access to different music. I believe it has to do with publishing rights, but you may try changing your region to USA if it's not set there already.