Montblanc Announce Luxury Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

If you needed any more proof that the wireless headphone market was hitting critical mass, than simply look to century-old luxury fountain-pen manufacturer Montblanc getting in on the action.

It seems everyone and their uncle has a signature wireless headphone for access to some niche of the market, be it for rap, hip-hop or IDM heads, or those who count themselves as DJs, travellers, students or merely true music lovers – there’s a wireless over-ear model for you.

According to Montblanc, it sought out a helping hand from Audeze co-founder Alex Rosson in designing the $595 USD MB 01 which was announced a few days ago, and considering the luxury-associated branding (and price) seems aimed firmly at the high-end of personal audio. Which is not necessarily a bad thing; the more headphones become embedded in popular culture the better as far as I'm concerned. Especially if there's a continued rise in expectations of quality sonics to go with the increased price tag as luxury-goods makers spread the word. Better headphone technology and design at higher prices now, usually means trickle-down for average consumers. That's not to say these Montblanc models are bleeding-edge in their design, technology or construction, they seem adequately-specified, but the day when $100 'phones are as nicely kitted as these is coming.

Boasting a claimed 20+ hours playing time courtesy of the 730mAh battery, active noise cancelling, with glossy aluminum, leather and “robust silicon” construction (sheep-leather earpads), the Bluetooth 5.0, aptX headphones also feature, hands-free voice assistant access, ear-cup tap for playback/pause, a proximity sensor for play ’n pause when removed, and nicely spec’d 40mm dynamic neodymium drivers.

The MB 01 come with an USB-C charge port, a USB-C to 3.5mm cable if you run out of juice, and support for wireless multi-point connections for pairing of two devices simultaneously. No Montblanc app to control sound or feature parameters is available yet. The MB 01 comes in three colors: black, grey and brown with either chrome or gold accents.

For more information check out Montblanc MB 01.