MrSpeakers Ether C Flow factory mod kit

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers is a difficult man to get a hold of as he’s constantly working.

Few people in the industry spend as much time as Clark honing the bleeding edge of planar-magnetic headphone design as he does and the company always has something in the works. Whether it’s a new model, or upgrades for existing customers.

Clark has been very busy indeed on improving his existing Ether C Flow and is the type of engineer and designer who takes feedback from buyers and the headphone community at large seriously, which is why he’s got a newly designed upgrade kit in the works for the Ether C Flow and sent me a pair along with the kit so that I could compare the differences and report back to InnerFidelity readers. The kit will retail for $29.99 USD and the company will be ready to take orders tomorrow morning.

With RMAF just around the corner, Clark has a number of announcements in the works and has asked that I don’t get into details on the kit until after the show, which I will respect. But I wanted to let readers know that I’ve got the ‘phones and kit here in-house and will be writing at length on their sonic attributes both before and after the factory modification kit that Clark assures me is a breeze to install.

Look for updates on InnerFidelity from Denver not only on the C Flow and the kit, but everything that MrSpeakers will be releasing. Clark has also kindly agreed to be interviewed for the InnerFidelity Podcast, so look for his episode following RMAF.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be writing an RMAF preview before I go, so check back.

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Great. Looking forward to the Dan Clark interview. I didn't know there was an Inner Fidelity podcast.

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Yes, here's the link to the first one, the second one will be up this week!

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