Noble Audio Falcon and Tux 5 Announced

Noble Audio may be a familiar name to many in the CIEM market – they’ve been around for a long time and had quite a storied history. They’re best known, at least in my mind, for their eye-catching designs, done by ‘The Wizard,’ a nickname for audiologist John Moulton.

For those unfamiliar, he was among the first to create highly customized, one-of-a-kind faceplates for IEMs, which since have become a much more common sight. Dr. Moulton wasn’t the only one to do it, but he was certainly the most prominent and came up with inventive ways of using wood, carbon fibre, foil and other unusual materials that have since become standards in aesthetic IEM design. Recently the company has been on a different kind of development spree, releasing new and stunningly good products left and right. They’re still available in wonderful finishes, but I find the sound is even more appealing than the older gear. The newest of these are the recently announced Falcon and the Tux 5.

The Falcon is Noble’s first True Wireless IEM, and has a laundry list of cool design features; dual carbon layer drivers, Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm APTx, and TrueWireless stereo plus. The real treat though is the price, which is a very reasonable $156 USD. The amount of tech needed for a true wireless headphone to function often means a lower budget for drivers, and I’ve heard a number of true wireless headphones that fell a bit short for me sonically. Noble’s recent history of making great sounding gear is cause for more optimism though, their new Khan IEM for example sounds simply phenomenal. Noble says that the Falcon sound signature will sit somewhere between the K10 and Savant II. The Falcon is currently available in Japan and will soon be available worldwide.

The Tux 5 is more in-line with Noble’s traditional model, a $1,299 USD IEM with Noble’s new 8-wire cable. The driver compliment is a single dynamic with four balanced armatures, and Noble has described the sound as similar to a ‘baby Khan’ with smoother highs. Considering the positive response to the Khan and based on the few short auditions I’ve had of the unit, this should be a very good thing. The IEM is completely finished in a very classy gloss black with Noble’s distinctive logo, and the cable is black and white, a simple design compared to some of their work, but one that will appeal to those who enjoy more elegant and understated looks.

Noble has also announced the introduction of Prestige Universals for Khan IEMs. If you have a set you can send them back to be ‘prestiged’ for $2,000 USD, or you can purchase a new prestige Khan for $3,999 USD. Pricey, but for those looking for that personal touch from The Wizard himself, you’re no longer restricted to just customs.

The Falcon Five is available for pre-order HERE, so check it out and stay tuned for more information on these new products from Noble.

Noble Audio