RMAF 2018: Campfire Audio

I’ve always enjoyed Campfire Audio’s relaxed and casual company culture – my experiences with them have always been from one personal audio enthusiast to another, never corporate or stiff.

These folks make gear they would want to listen to and it shows.

Back in the day they made cables and even some headphone amps as ALO Audio, before branching into IEMs, so while the Campfire name may be newer, they have plenty of experience when it comes to personal audio.

IEM’s can be quite difficult for me, as I have two differently shaped ear canals, with my left ear being very resistant to having foam and silicone bits shoved into it.

Despite Campfire’s tips being rather large for my ears, I enjoyed visiting their booth at RMAF 2018. The Andromeda was on display, alongside the new Andromeda S, a slightly updated and re-tuned version. I felt the mids were slightly clearer and that this IEM possessed an overall less deep-V shaped 3D sound field. Apparently the Andromeda S is a limited edition and quantities are getting close to zero, so you should check these out quickly if you’re interested in them.

Also on display were the new Equinox CIEM and Atlas, a universal version of the Equinox. The Atlas and Comet IEM both had bassy deep-v shaped signatures, although they were very tastefully tuned compared to what I’m used to in many bass-cannon IEMs. The Comet especially was very nice for the price.

My favorite CampFire IEM was the Orion.

However, at the price point it is one of the most neutral IEM’s I’ve heard, but still has the punchy, dynamic sound Campfire does so well. I may just have to review these.

My impression of Campfire’s lineup is that their less-expensive offerings tend to offer more neutral tunings, the midrange products get a little more colored and bassy, and the top end products are somewhere in between.

For those who like tastefully tuned, but elevated bass, all the Campfire IEMs aside from the Orion will delight. Despite all being slightly V-shaped in their soundscape tuning, the Andromeda is still one of the least fatiguing and most musically enjoyable IEMs I’ve encountered and normally I’m not one for bass-heavy gear.

The build quality on the Campfire products is likewise outstanding, hitting a great middle-point between size and sturdiness. Their tightly screwed metal chassis are about as bulletproof as I’ve found, which is a huge plus in my book for longevity in daily use.

There were many, many IEMs and the Campfire table was very crowded the few times I went to it, so I did not get the chance to try out every product, more specifically, the closed-back, user-tunable Cascade headphone.

Not on display but scheduled for showing at the Tokyo Headphone Festival are the Campfire Solaris, price TBA.

  • Equinox $1,500 uSD
  • Atlas $1,300 USD
  • Andromeda USD $1,100
  • Orion $350 USD
  • Comet $200 USD
Campfire Audio
2400 SE Ankeny, Portland, Oregon 97214 USA
1 (855) 204-1492 // (503) 853-8608

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The Campfire audio Comet's are priced at $200 not $800

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Price adjusted.