T.H.E. Show Newport 2013 Highlight: ALO Audio Studio Six

ALO Audio Studio Six Tube Headphone Amplifier ($4900)
ALO Audio has been a major player in the headphone world for a while now offering enthusiasts a one-stop shopping spot for headphones, headphone amps, and accessories. Previously Ken Ball and crew have been focussing on high-end portable and small desktop rigs in their line of ALO branded amplifiers.

At THE Show Newport they released their first full-sized home headphone amp, the Studio Six. The amp uses two 6V6 tubes as transformer coupled output devices, and a 6SN7 as the input tube. The power supply is also tube based using a 5AR4 rectifier to turn the A.C. into rough D.C., and two OB2 gas regulator tubes for power supply D.C. regulation—I'm a bit of a tube novice myself and haven't heard of this type of tube previously, but Ken says they're cheap and plentiful.

The amp is housed in a black anodized, brushed aluminum enclosure that I found very pleasing to the eye. The front panel sports four 1/4" headphone jacks, power indicator, input selector, and the rear has 3 unbalanced inputs, A.C. power input, and a jack that will support a future companion phono stage product. Really a dandy looking and, on short listen, a good sounding amp.

What a pleasure to see Ken and ALO chugging along nicely! You can find ALO here.

Jim Tavegia's picture

You just gave me a great idea for a cabinet construction project for my HD TV.  A big HD TV on the top of that would look so neat. 

mikemercer's picture

As a proud owner of an E.A.R HP4 (still, IMO, one of the most musically satisfying valve headphone amps out there) I'm thrilled to say the ALO Studio Six does things with dynamic headphones I didn't even think possible - in terms of connecting me to the emotive power of music.  I got to take home the black one! Whew Hooh!!

This amp transcends the gear aspect of the listening experience.  It's just me and the music.

My MacBook Pro SSD (running Amarra & Audirvana) + MYTEK STEREO192-DSD DAC or, my VPI + Unison Research Simply phono valve phonostage - ALO Studio Six  - Audeze LCD3's or my Sennheiser HD800's - WHOAH!!

It's seductive, exciting, and so authoritative it's absoluely addicting to listen to!!

Review coming!!!!