T.H.E. Show Newport 2013: EnerPlex Kickr Solar Panel and Jumpr Storage Battery

EnerPlex Portable Kickr IV Solar Panel ($129.99) and Jumpr Storage Battery ($69.99 for 4400mAh, and $89.99 for 7800mAh)
I love to go camping on my motorcycle. One nuisance is having to very carefully manage the charge state of my phone—there's just no way it's going to last for a week's adventure if it's left on all the time. Problem is, I'm also a single dad of a teenager and I find myself quite worried when my phone is off that I'll be out of touch if my daughter needs to get hold of me. I need a way to charge my phone without an A.C. outlet.

Enter Ascent Solar and their EnerPlex line of solar energy storage and charging products. The Kickr IV is a flexible solar charger with four panels that folds into a compact 7.5"x7.5"x1" size making it easy to transport. Producing about 4.5 Watts at 5VDC it fully charges smartphones in about 2 hours and tablets in about 4 hours.

Also available from EnerPlex is the Jumpr storage battery, which you can charge from the Kickr panel and then later charge your device from the Jumpr battery. The Jumpr is available in 4400mAh and 7800mAh sizes.

I'm thinking these gadgets are perfect for campers, RVers, travelers, and anyone who might find themselves away from an A.C. outlet for any length of time. Look for an InnerFidelity review sometime in the future.

EnerPlex website, and Kickr and Jumpr product pages.