T.H.E. Show Newport 2013: HRT microStreamer

HRT microStreamer ($189.95)
Been curious as hell about this little gadget. Reviews on Head-Fi are running very positive. I'm intrigued.

The headphone jack output impedance is 0.5 Ohms, which is very comforting to hear. Other specs look good to: 24/96; async USB; 102dB signal to noise; 150mA draw on the USB power; all in the size of a Tick-Tack box.

Here's the funny thing: you can register at InnerFidelity right now to win one for free! Simply go to this page and make a comment to enter to win.

I'll let Scot Markwell tell you about it in the video below. I think this little DAC/amp might find it's way into one of the InnerFidelity reviewers hands quite soon. I know I'd like to see an InnerFidelity review on it.

microStreamer product page.

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Looking forward to the review... I had been thinking of getting one, but didn't quite *need* it at the moment as I haven't been traveling w/the laptop... Once I'm required to do so I'll probably pick one up tho. I like that he came right out and said "look, it's a Dragonfly competitor", heh, shows they're actively looking at the market and their competitors. HRT's always had some nice no-nonsense DAC.

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next goal: otl amp in a king size cigarette box:D

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I guess the only way I'll get to hear this fine microStreamer is to win it!

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Yeah I was totally psyched to scoop the review on that magic little piece of kit!  I went to work for HRT years again because I was a huge fan of Kevin Halverson's Muse Electronics line!

Kevin actually ushered in the age of affordable, asynchronous, high performance USB DACs!  His HeadStreamer is also KILLER indeed (too bad they dropped it from the line). 

and we've been soreading the word bigtime at Head-Fi about the microStreamer!!  We got a killer htread going on it based on my review for Positive Feedback back during CES.  I was driving my Audeze LCD3's with the microStreamer! But its golden w/ my V-MODA M80's!

ThanX Warren!!!!