T.H.E. Show Newport 2013: Wrap-Up

Bob Levi (left) and Richard Beers (right), the masterminds of T.H.E. Show Newport.

That's a wrap!
As the bubble wrap and boxes came out for the pack-up on Sunday evening, I realized I managed to miss reporting on the Abyss planar magnetic headphone. I did manage a quick listening session at The Cable Company booth, and was quite impressed with what I heard. Since returning I have been in contact with the folks there, and will be receiving a unit to review soon. Sorry about not getting into that one a bit deeper.

Something I did manage to get done, but won't be talking about in any detail yet, is to strike an agreement between Richard Beers, Bob Levi, and myself about an event/exhibit that I'll be hosting at next year's T.H.E. Show Newport. You may have heard me mention Candemonium in the past. It was an idea for a trade show, but it's morphed into something else entirely. As time goes on I'll be spilling more beans on the project, but for the moment I'll just encourage you to show up in Newport next year to enjoy the sideshow. I'm gonna need some help from the Head-Fi community though, so I'll be going to the upcoming L.A. meet July 20th to fill in local members and ask for their help. I'm sure you guys will get a kick out of the idea.

Other Stuff
After T.H.E. Show Newport I visited DTS for a private demo of their upcoming Headphone-X technology, and Sean Olive at Harman International for a lab tour and some talk about the work they are doing to determine a standardized headphone response target. Both visits were fascinating; I'll be posting my impressions in the coming weeks.

Huge thanks to Richard and Bob for a really great show! I'm out.

Mike Moffat says good-bye!


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...right after listening to the Audeze. The Audeze were very dark in the treble compared to the Abyss, which sounded much more alive,open and electrostatic like(In that setup).