Skullcandy Navigator Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Skullcandy Navigator Headphones (MSRP $99.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Navigator is the next generation of a highly sophisticated concept from Skullcandy. The original designed on-ear headphones allow for next level listening with an optimized sound package. The construction is lightweight in design and engineered to deliver extremely smooth frequencies through tightly controlled bass, natural vocals and precision highs. The Navigator features a unified headband and hinge construction offering increased durability with the ability to collapse for convenient stashability.

The Skullcandy Navigator features inline Mic3 functionality, allowing iPhone users to have full control of volume, pause/play, tracking and the ability to have clear, crisp phone conversations direct through their headphones without interruption. Additional features include an ergonomic design and high quality memory foam ear cushions wrapped in premium leather creating a level of comfort perfect for long wear and ideal for listening.

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scottlf's picture

Nice headphones!

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ThanklessPanda's picture

Ever since reading their AMA on Reddit, I've been meaning to give these a listen.

PBone's picture

Thanks for the chance!

KikassAssassin's picture

A comment! 

Maybe one day I'll win one of these things. 

Curly21029's picture

...why not? :)

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neo's picture

I'd love to hear them..Looks sleek and stylish

brrgrr's picture

2 in a month!

eems90's picture

Will it sound nice as well? 

Let me give it a listen!

SpiderNhan's picture

I was surprised by how good these sounded when I demoed them. Would love a pair.

koolpep's picture

Sounds like these are really good

david.parker83's picture

Hope they sound good as well!

Cocki's picture

Love the retro-ish look. Love this give a way!

drheadphone's picture

Super nice!

Jim Tavegia's picture

I hope you need Nick's address.  Thanks.    A good Dad. 

Brentagon's picture

They look fantastic.  I hope to hear them myself someday.

Deviltooth's picture

I win!  Hand them over!  WOOHOO!


A little premature?

The Headphone Viking's picture

I've wanted to see for a long time how skullcandy is doing, and if i can do it with a pair that looks this good.... Then I'd love it :D

HomeMadeJazz's picture

Thanks for the giveaway! Would like to see if Skullcandy has improved at all!

mikerr's picture

Would be spectacular right now

Stirrio's picture

so let me put some on the outside.

headphonista's picture

I love sweepstakes!

miceblue's picture

...they certainly look pretty slick.

stevieieie's picture

That blue is cool. It also looks somewhat transparent.

lesliejazz's picture

Great headphones!

bsdenton's picture

Skullcandy always has the most interesting total designs, and I think their supra-aural cups are as comfortable as any I have worn.

DrForBin's picture

good looking, hope they're good sounding!

Jacob's picture

Nice chance to get this one!

mcdontho's picture

Kool Kans!

boniceman's picture

I want them :D

Dylan Mendoza-Johnson's picture

Great looking cans!

aukor's picture

Nice cans's picture

count me in

br777's picture

to win!

RPGWiZaRD's picture

Lots of audiophiles just laugh at any Skullcandy headphones but the truth is that they are really trying to shape up sound quality wise for their products. Which is a win-win for everyone as Skullcandy are still extremely popular among the youth in my country and it can't hurt to up the demand on SQ for any listener, it will force other "lower tier" brands to step up too.

rs0cal's picture

Definitely a nice can! Wanna try them out if I get lucky!

TonyS's picture

Nice ones.... + I could use a new headphone for work.....

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cgradoslav's picture

thanks inner fidelity for the chance to win these headphones, i hope they sound nice and also come in red color.

Maldoro1998's picture

This is exactly what I want and need right now

Maldoro1998's picture

This is exactly what I want and need right now

daadaa's picture

i never win anything.

KLJTech's picture

Thanks for the oppertuntiy to win. 

Jazz Casual's picture

I don't want them. Way cool!

Three Toes of Fury's picture

Skullcandy has established itself as more than just a 'fashon' headphone brand....even their low end buds offer better sound than you'd think....if these cans are on par with the Aviator's then i bet they rock!   

Peace .n. Living in Stereo


MacedonianHero's picture

Comment made. :)

jchaps's picture

Looks interesting.  Hope I can get a pair...

jakubg's picture

pick me! pick me!


CT3's picture

yes please

Shike's picture

Hope SC has continued their upwards trend in SQ.

bassace_mtb's picture

I would love to sport these around town!!!!!!

kongmw's picture

pick meeeeee :)

calaf's picture

fingers crossed

ryebread's picture

Nice cans!

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ssoedi's picture

Would love to win a pair of these

spyder1's picture

Great looking headphones!

karecho's picture

Goodluck everyone!!

funambulistic's picture

... to my house!

ratch88's picture

...and sound great! Nice!!!!

lenbell's picture

that one day these headphones will be mine.

go60go's picture

Skullcandy's attempts to really refocus themselves to be more serious on the sound-quality side is definitely interesting.

bob78's picture

Nice cans

Headphone Junkie's picture

I would love some free headphones!

Brummbar's picture

I'd like to try them

Seth195208's picture

I don't want to win! Nope, I won't take them..

NyquistRate's picture

to the Aviators?

pro1137's picture

I like cats

Armaegis's picture

So this is only open to residents of the US? How about Canada?

JIGF's picture

im in!

SoundTeck's picture

Here's Hoping!

nevnevv's picture

These look awesome!

flatmap's picture

and they did a nice job with the Aviators!

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thexlarch's picture

Nice looking but too flashy

AncientWisdom's picture

Very good very good - yay!!!

zobel's picture

random comment

PekaJ's picture

I guess these are new model of the aviators, but they are $50 cheaper.

sjward's picture

Another giveaway. Thanks! 

sweepey's picture craving these sweet headphones.

rhfactor1's picture

I really like the blue color. Hope these will sound nice.

techienate's picture

Hoping to win...

morserotonin's picture

Wonder how they sound!

Arve's picture

Quite good, actually - they are my go-to for when I want something portable, and on ear, and in a side-by-side-comparison, I like these better than for instance the B&W P5, even if their sound signature is somewhat similar.

SweetSpotLeung's picture

great looks! hope they sound as well.

dibattista's picture

bubbles. puppies. the beach.

Trym's picture

I have to admit that these ones look really nice actually.

GNagus's picture

They look good

Friggs's picture

I have never listened to any Skull's headphones. But maybe I will in the near future. Thanks for the chance to win.

georgebush's picture

Who won the Ferrari Cans?

orel1994's picture

Looks really great! Would love to win a pair.

jjwood's picture

Waiting for the shipment

Ian's picture

smileyThanks for the giveaway !!

txlasho's picture

Cool Cans!

TheChicagoWay's picture

Was interested in trying these out

Impulse's picture

I really like that style of ear pad!

rustykpr's picture

Cool looking headphones

veggieboy2001's picture

It’s great that Skullcandy is starting to take their headphones more seriously. These look great. I’d love to hear them

manatee's picture

than beats!

marty's picture

Well, here goes nothing!

Fabio's picture

They look pretty

Speakerphile's picture

I am always looking for new headphones!  Pick me!

o153n's picture

I'm in.

Albel_Lawliet's picture

All the Sweepstakes, All the entries, hopefully at least one chance.

Ormy51's picture

My turn

flybirdiefly's picture

I wantz these.

b34tls4ever's picture

Putting my 2 cents worth to get them!

juanrmag's picture

I liked these when Ii tried them

Spoko's picture

My headphones have just broke.

TrapperC's picture

The aviators sounded good. I hope these sound as good or better.

cdxskier's picture

I never argue with free!

bhuempfne's picture

I would love a new pair of cans to replace my worn out Sony's.

panicroom's picture

Count me in

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matula's picture

...but count me in!

xmikes2's picture

I'm looking for something similar

stpetal's picture

...and I'll tell you how they sound if I win ;) 

mp3robbo's picture

Looks epic!

Merkin's picture

I'm digging the blue.

ezzony's picture

Looks cool !

nuphanton's picture

When I heard that skullcandy got a sound engineer, I was willing to give them a second chance. Their first line if headphones were more for fashion than music...

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Merck's picture

I'm always up for a free pair of headphones.

Robfine's picture

So my daughter can steal 'me (from me).

cclragnarok's picture

I guess these are the supra aural version of the Aviators?

KG_Jag's picture

Dark and sleek.

johnnyb0y99's picture

These headphones seem aesthetically promising but I am curious to see if it will deliver in sound. 

Phasma Phasmatis's picture

I am a huge fan of Skullcandy and excited to see that the company is starting to take audio seriously :)