A Survey of Foster 443742 Variants: Inside Photos

They're certainly a family of headphones...but like any family, there's lots of differences. Small differences in most of the baffle plates and rear damping...could be lots of stuff going on around the driver that can't be seen. Impedance measurements show quite a bit of similarity between the Massdrop and E-Mu headphones with the original Denon line. I assume this means they're more similar in the acoustic space around the driver.

The biggest physical differences are in the Fostex branded headphones. Interestingly, they've got damping material in the cups, but the TH900 headphones, to my eyes, have the most noisy impulse response. They also are the only ones with a circular earpad hole...I may try to swap the TH900mk2 pads with the E-Mu pads and re-measure. I'd bet the noise is coming from resonances in the earpad chamber.

Anyway, here for your viewing pleasure is the inside look.

Denon AH-D5000
Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_AHD5000_Full Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_AHD5000_Pad Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_AHD5000_PadBack Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_AHD5000_Baffle Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_AHD5000_Casule

Massdrop TH-X00
Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_THX00_Full Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_THX00_Pad Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_THX00_PadBack Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_THX00_Baffle Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_THX00_Capsule

E-Mu Teak (Shown in Ebony)
Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_EMuTeak_Full Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_EMuTeak_Pad Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_EMuTeak_PadBack Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_EMuTeak_Baffle Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_EMuTeak_Capsule

Fostex TH610
Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH610_Full Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH610_Pad Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH610_PadBack Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH610_Baffle Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH610_Capsule Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH610_Cup

Fostex TH900
Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900_Full Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900_Pad Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900_PadBack Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900_Baffle Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900_Capsule Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900_Cup

Fostex TH900mk2
Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900mk2_Full Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900mk2_Pad Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900mk2_PadBack Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900mk2_Baffle Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900mk2_Capsule Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH900mk2_Cup

tony's picture

Reminds me of looking at Chevys at the Car Dealer, row after row of the same model but all of em are a little bit different. Hmm, which one is right for me?, Color, Wood, better insulation, little better seating materials, etc.

Seems like a person could "tune" any of these.

They have a fairly wide price spread, I think.

Focal make it simple with just one Elear and one Utopia.

I have to say that I was impressed by that E-Mu guy, so I'd have to favor one of his.

Tony in Michigan

ps. maybe I should send one of these things to those Felikes Tube Amp guys to pass around but they're exploring DACs just now, they've pretty much settled on HD-800 headphones ( who hasn't ).

Thanks for the snaps, nice to see the Family.

Rabbit's picture

Such a pity that Denon dropped the series for those cyberman replacements. They could have improved the cup attachment on them all in order to create a mk2, but to go and redesign a new series that sounds worse was plain silly. Such a pity.

Denon would make great sales if only they resurrected the whole lot and scrapped the silly replacement series.

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The pity is that Fostex gets some people conned into buying the TH900. According to measurements they are entirely snake oil and may even be worse than a Massdrop THXOO, which is a fraction of the price. That makes this industry frustrating sometimes...

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The pity is that Fostex gets some people conned into buying the TH900. According to measurements they are entirely snake oil and may even be worse than a Massdrop THXOO, which is a fraction of the price. That makes this industry frustrating sometimes...
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