T+A Announces New Planar-Magnetostatic Solitaire P Headphone and HA 200 Amplifier/DAC

The high-end of personal audio seems to be experiencing heightened interest from companies who not only design and build the headphones, headphone-amplifiers and DACs that mere mortals tend to covet, but also those companies who up until now have been focused exclusively on building two-channel gear. Audeze, Abyss, Focal and Sonoma (among others) are now being joined by German high-fidelity heavy T+A elektroakustik (Theory+Application) in the uber high-end of headphone offerings.

T+A – recently announced a brand-new Planar-Magnetostatic headphone design in the Solitaire P ($6,400 USD) and headphone amplifier/DAC with the HA 200 ($8,900 USD), both of which are scheduled for availability come March 2020.

Jim Shannon of T+A said that, in the company’s 40+ year history, it is rare for them to begin working on completely new hardware products, but that “the increasing market interest in very high-performance headphones and headphone amplifiers has prompted us to spend two-plus years of time and effort learning how we might be able to add new and genuinely innovative technology to these product categories.”

The HA 200 features T+A HV amplification technology.

Shannon related that the company has built its reputation on a “thorough and scientific approach to product development,” this meant that T+A decided not to take any shortcuts or limit quality in any way on the Solitaire P and HA 200.

“We decided that preserving and enhancing our reputation in high-performance audio required us to make no compromises whatsoever in design, manufacturing, and performance, which means that our newest products are priced as the truly state-of-the-art products they are.”

Planar-Magnetostatic design in the Solitaire P .

Accrding to T+A the Solitaire P features an ultra-lightweight cone and planar drive, which offers “enormous physical advantages and concomitant sonic benefits with … the entire surface of the cone driven by a unique magnet design.” Both the units are hand-made at the main factory in Herford (Germany). The Solitaire HA 200 features three headphone outputs which can have their impedance “accurately fine-tuned to match the headphones connected to it.” The HA 200 is based around analogue T+A HV (High-Voltage) technology. It has Class-A output stages designed to “operate with a high-idle current, enabling them to drive even the most demanding headphones without difficulty.”

HA 200 connectivity.

Digital and analogue sections are separate with two dedicated torroidal transformers. The HA 200 “is fitted with the proprietary T+A True 1 Bit digital/analogue converter, capable of 32-bit/768kHz for PCM and DSD 1024 for Bitstream. Like all of T+A’s most advanced current DACs, the new HA 200 includes fully optimized and completely separate decoding architecture for DSD and PCM.”

Final specifications are not yet available, but I will include them when I receive the duo for review in the coming months.

Stay tuned…

T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG
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