Transducer Torturing Test Tracks: The InnerFidelity – Qobuz Playlist

But it’s good torture, don’t worry.

All Jokes aside, Rafe and I have been discussing playlists and music a lot lately, and I thought it might be a great time to slowdown from the deluge of recent-releases and put together a playlist which represents a small peek into tracks used as a reference for listening on reviews.

What are some of the things I listen to when I’m torture testing my gear? This can range from difficult bass passages or albums with tons of spatial sonic detail, but it also includes a lot of tracks I test for musical engagement. Some of the tracks aren’t even that well recorded, but give me an idea of how forgiving – or not – a headphone or speaker might be. We all have those recordings that we love but are less than pristine.

Mostly though, this is in celebration of music. Specifically music I think makes the cut of tracks worth listening to. There’s some things you’ll love and some things you won’t want to listen to at all, but the playlist is generally designed to be left on shuffle and introduce you to new tracks and artists. If there’s only one IF playlist you ever listen to, make it this one. It can be considered the ‘highlights reel’ of sorts. If you particularly love something on the list, feel free to drop me a line, I’d love to know what you guys like and want more of. Hopefully you enjoy this insight into my ‘personal stash’ of test tracks. – Grover Neville

One of the coolest things about a Qobuz playlist is that it’s a ‘live wire’ in the sense that it can be updated and added to on-the-fly, so it becomes a living, breathing, curation of music fidelity. Both Mr. Neville and I will be adding to this Qobuz creation, so continue to check back for updates. Enjoy. – Rafe Arnott

The InnerFidelity – Qobuz Playlist


Samuelmetzger's picture

On my iPad tried the link but nothing comes up with Qubuz iOS app...?

Sjeb's picture

Thank you—have been listening all morning!

Martin.'s picture

I don't have a Quobuz account and after song 50 it says "+ Discover the rest on Quobuz". Does this mean that there are more than 50, but it maxes out at 50 for those of us who don't have Quobuz?

Grover Neville's picture

There are definitely more than 50

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Thanks for the answer.