Tyll's Reviewer Profile Up On Stereophile

I love how Jana Dagdagan's videos came out. "How Tyll Reviews Headphones" and "Tyll Talks About the Future of Headphones" were a lot of fun to produce. But that's not what got her out here.

Jana has a blog where she posts a wide array of videos on everything from trade shows to factory tours. John Atkinson has tasked her to produce a "Stereophile Reviewer's Profile" video series and, while I love the cool she's done for InnerFidelity, it's her latest post "Reviewer Profile Video: Tyll Hertsens" that brought her to Montana.

Gotta say, it feels kind funny swinging my doors wide open and letting everyone into my home. I try to keep it mostly business here. But I've often thought you guys would enjoy some of the gadgets I've built. Make sure you stay 'til the end so you can see the back country camper I'm building from a FedEx truck. I'm particularly proud of Putt, my step van.

Anyway, enjoy!

"Reviewer Profile Video: Tyll Hertsens"

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This video was fun to watch but also provided a lot of context surrounding the measurement process. Also neat to see some of the actual gear I've read about on this site.

It's a little eerie that I just watched the episode of Stranger Things 2 where Dustin names his pollywog Dart, short for D'artagnan...

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Hi, I just found the following [currently on pre-order] - looks interesting and it ships calibrated!


...in addition to their portable DSP headphone amplifier HA-DSP.

A review of both would be welcome.^^


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Followers of Audio Industry folks, products and events are the 'committed' ones. All these people have reasoned opinion and are still trying to figure things out: a curious bunch. These people writing comments have been buying Audio gear ( some are my old customers ) for decades and feel the Importance of Tyll who takes the time to build a reference library resource that's accessible and wonderfully 'Reliable', for gods sake!!!

Having Jana to pull back the curtains of the Tyll operation builds a relatable understanding of the foundation that supports the confidence we have in Innerfidelty.

I'd have to say that Tyll & John Atkinson are at the very top of the Integrity Pyramid in Audio Journalism, maybe because they take the time ( and have the skill ) to find descriptive words & phrases and sensitive electronic diagnostic laboratory devices ( and know how to use em properly! ).

Phew, we consumers got lucky, we've never had any sort of resource like this.

Thank you Tyll & Jana

Tony in Michigan

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I was just having a look at Blueglow's investigation of an Audio Research SP-10 pre-amp ( from the mid 1980s ) when Safari somehow took me to the next YouTube Video of Tyll in 2012 building a Bottlehead ( or was it Tyll's younger brother? ).

Are Montana winters 'that' harsh?

Tony in Michigan

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That should not happen near the Kitchen surface.

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How far is your toothbrush from your toilet bowl? And when you flush is mists. Composting toilets don't do that. Sure, it'd be nice for it to be in its own space (and it does when the counter is down), but hey, it's an 8' x 11' room...everything is in close proximity.
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You should review these, I think you'd like them. They remind me most of the Oppo PM3 with a touch more sparkle on top, similar full mids, cleaner lower mids, mid bass, and just a bit more well controlled sub bass reach. They need a bit of gentle bending to reduce clamp and a long burn in will help a bit. Probably the best example of accuracy in headphones that are still warm and smooth enough for extended listening. The Meze Neo 99 with AT MSR7 pads is similar, with a bit more sub bass energy and slightly less sparkle on top (maybe, it's close).

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Enjoyed the "home tour" and the Puttmobile. I once had a cat (his only bad habit) who liked to chew the connectors off of headphones and wallwarts. My eyes aren't up to snuff for precision soldering anymore....I need the big lighted magnifier in order to do anything.