V-MODA VAMP Verza Headphone Amplifier Sweepstakes

Register to win a V-MODA VAMP Verza Headphone Amplifier (MSRP $598.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Geared for the modern audio connoisseur, VAMP VERZA transforms your smartphone into a mobile hi-fi system. Designed in Italy and made in Japan, it builds off of the original VAMP for iPhone 4/4S featuring an integrated 150mW x 2 headphone amplifier, 2 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converters) and a 2200mAh battery pack. VAMP VERZA also introduces the patent-pending VERZADOCK that seamlessly integrates with popular smartphone and tablets.

VAMP VERZA can be used as a standalone Hi-Fi USB Audio amplifier, or mobile audiophiles can dock it with the machined METALLO case built specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S III. A Case for the iPhone 5 will be available in the upcoming months. Metallo slides and locks onto VERZA’s high-performance audio engine with the VERZADOCK rail mechanism designed for optimal precision and tactility. The case can be used independently with the included back cover for times when portability is more important than function.

VAMP VERZA’s audiophile-grade dedicated DACs extracts pure digital output from your computer, Android, or iOS device via USB/micro-USB and converts it into analog form for the purest mobile audio listening experience.  VERZA’s 150mW x 2 amplifier delivers enhanced power for higher end headphones and up to 7 hours of playback.  Low noise anti-interference is provided by Burr Brown, AKM DAC and a 6-layer PCB, features usually found only in hi-end digital players. These features isolate the components so your audio sounds more like the original recording with less resonance, radio interference and background noise. VAMP’s rotary volume knob allows you to finely control your volume and the hi/lo gain switch adjusts the output level.

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831354's picture

This would be perfect as a gift for my brother!

IsHmaelSnaps's picture

I saved up all year to get myself a pair of Crossfades and just got them because of an Amazon deal that happened three days ago.  Awesome chance for this amplifier!

expatinjapan's picture

Good luck to everyone!

jackday's picture

I have always wanted one of these but they are just so expensive. Would be great if I can win!

gsr108's picture

Good luck!

earthpeople's picture

I want to win! but good luck to everyone!

SoulProphet85's picture

Of all the headphones i have bought, i have never used an amp for them.  This would be a great present and a whole new experience for me.

riffraffbon74's picture

Sweet looking amp!

OnyxMusic's picture

Totally want to win this!!

mcdontho's picture

To vamp up your tunes!

anomaly7's picture

My headphones would love a new- and especially cool- amplifier.

The Brady Report's picture

Would love some more V-MODA greatness...

Gmurua's picture

Thanks inner fidelity for giving me a chance! I love vmoda!

deadace3's picture

cool This guy would appreciate it.cool

evospider's picture

I want to win an amp!

Delete's picture

Happy holidays to the whole crew at Innerfidelity!

ch36u3v4r4's picture

Just got a new pair of V-modas and I imagine this would pair very well. Hope I win.

garysi13's picture

This is the perfect match for my GS3.  Been wanting one of these since I first laid eyes on it.

TwistedFMJ's picture

This would compliment with my V-moda headphones!

Speedlight's picture

This is an awesome gadget! Tried it and loved it! Hope to win one!!!

jdenn's picture

Would go perfectly with my M-100 and galaxy SIII

jettoku's picture

awesome amp

Licantroleon's picture

I've always checked out innerfidelity for headphone reviews and stuff so it's great to finally have an account. Good luck to everyone! I need a nice headphone amp lol.

kman1211's picture

Looks like a very nice portable amp.

mrchimnon's picture


Cuevas726's picture


jostracy@gmail.com's picture

Portable all in one for all operating systems! This is a must have and it looks hot! I know what I want for X-Mass! 


KG_Jag's picture

Would love to be called the winner and try this out.

jostracy@gmail.com's picture

Now the Vamp gots Spice, I needs me some of that! Santa shake one my way!

Severian's picture

I've had the m-100s for 1.5 years now and they haven't let me down, worth every penny, I have no doubt that this vamp will be worth it as well!

Ludesco's picture

It's been a tough year for me financially. One of these bad boys would make 2013 my favourite year though!

jmurph92's picture

I already have the VMODA m100's. It'd be great to have this too!

clohmann's picture

Oh Man, let me have it!

Twinster's picture

That would be very nice for X-Mass.  Thank you!

bgmacvic's picture

Been dying for a V-Moda verza amp for a while now, but can't afford to buy one on my own. Would go great with my LP Crossfades. 

Misude's picture

It'll be more than awesome if I'm able to get one ahaha

BrandonG314's picture

new user, awesome site :)

hope i win!

Ending27's picture

I want one!

crazyfury's picture

I would love to have this amp =D been a V-moda fan since 2011.

lotzosushi's picture

:D :D :D :D aringadingdingdingdingaling

AvaloniPhone's picture

They make great headphones... please enter me in the contest.



Bronxboy58's picture

Despite V-Moda products being acclaimed for their design and style, they have managed to develope items which sound as good as they look.

adasko73's picture

Me me me me...

Merkin's picture

Can I have please?

kabjunk's picture


defnsanity's picture

would definitely love to have this

Austin's picture

This I like.

tnelson's picture

Imagine it sounds good too

jackula's picture

The only thing missing from my setup is a portable DAC/Amp!! Merry Christmas!

lomax.47's picture

I love music but have never owned a portable DAC... if I won this vamp verza I'd treat it like a newborn puppy. I'd snuggle it and keep it warm, I'd play with it and make sure it's in a good mood every day, feeding it tasty 1411kbps tracks whenever it looks down. I'd make this verza love me -- and you know what? I'd love it right damn back.

Dragonc89's picture

Hope I win this awesome product by V-Moda :)
Good luck to everyone!

Audiofonosotros's picture

Lady Luck, please be on my side tonight.

BaconBaller's picture

This would be sooooo sick

vifer's picture

good luck to all! (and a little bit more for me)

d.strohmeier's picture


monaco11's picture

fingers crossed

XxEleveNxX's picture

thanks innerfidelity and V-moda!

CyaMya's picture

People complain about my music being too loud, I just really can't hear the music very well compared to others. So if I had this, It would make my music experience in life a lot better!

Slipudatung's picture

What a great opportunity for us who find these things quite far from reach. A portable amp is something I would love, and this particular one would be my pick of the lot. 

twildwood2's picture

Hoping to take home a prize

thisisawildfire's picture

count me in!

Brown Sound's picture

Looks awesome!

CanUReadThis's picture

I've been considering an amp for a good while now and I've always heard great things about many V-Moda products (M80,M100,LP2). Be great to see what all the hype's about.

Defoliator's picture


trodder's picture

Music is what brings our family together. We all have a pair of v-moda crossfade LPs. I have been looking for a quality amp at an affordable price. But I can't take my eyes of the Vamp. I hope Santa will help me win one ;)

cheko08's picture

Never won anything, but It would be nice if win this amp/DAC

CosmicSense's picture

Wouldn't mind using this with my iPhone 5S!

Aystub's picture

The subject says it all really. 

AnalogVibes's picture

A perfect device to end all my portable rig dilemma.

Jed Ling's picture


varga740's picture

Love me some V-Moda gear. Got the M-100, the M-80, and the faders.

mauribarahoun's picture

This is freaking awesome, would love to win it.

xander01's picture

Would be great to win one from such a good company. Will forever love my M80s, and am sure this is just as good of a product.

aloofkid's picture

It was last July 2012 when I bought my V-Moda M-80 because of the positive review of Tyll and it is in the Hall of Fame. Since then I got hooked with headphones and one of my trusted brand is V-Moda.

While I was surfing for reviews and different kind of headphones I saw V-Moda VAMP and I wish that I could buy it but budget is very limited.

Last March my girlfriend gave me an iPhone 5 and I immediatly loaded it with EQu and lots and lots of music. Days after that I saw the V-Moda Vamp Verza and I immediatly fell in love with it style and it's feature.

I am in a dilemma because I love the slick white and orange Vamp Verza + the Silver Snake Metallo Case which compliments my white iPhone 5 but I also love the Shadow Vamp Verza and Red Coral which will look really nice with my M-80 Shadows.

That's why I want to enter in this contest because I still don't have the luxury to buy the Vamp Verza. I am grabbing this chance to win the best presents for christmas =]

50th808's picture

For Christmas I would like a V-Moda Vamp Verza to connect my Apple iPhone 5s and V-Moda M-100 headphones.  Mele Kalikimaka.

krishulett's picture

Would love to win this.

chellebelle's picture

Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! This would make an amazing addition under the tree!

reuvenim's picture

Excellent timing.

RiOt16's picture

So so want this... would be nice to own one.. :)

Hieloflofy's picture

I am a true audiophile and i always try to get the best sound that I can with a limited budget. I currently use a FiiO e5 and while it does make the sound a but better, it just isnt cutting it for me. I've been looking at these vamp series amps and they look really goid quality. The reviews given to these headphones have been spectacular, but my only problem is that i lack the $600 to pay the full retail price for them. Please choose me and help  a true audiophile and not some random guy who will take it for granted and lose it within the first couple of weeks. I thank you all for this amazing chance of a lifetime and I wish you all good luck.

sevenayan's picture

Good luck everyone

nnormous's picture

Really like to hv a portable amp

gizmocivic's picture

I'd sure love to win this prize!

marcus121100's picture

Allready got their Crossfade M-100 so i could be awesome to get the Vamp Verza so that my phone can support my awesome headset!

imjohnbal's picture

How bout some VMODA power!

darragh's picture

Please i need this in my life!!

danessemo's picture


Dibblephile's picture

And I would sure love to experience the Vamp!

roma101's picture

w00t! Thanks for the opportunity, cheers!

Tpetri102's picture

Was looking at this right when it cam out. Hope I win. Good luck everyone

lookoutworld's picture

much want, very thanks

Nicko Veaz's picture

Wooooooow this amp surely looks promising!
Would probably need that...
Good luck to everybody! :)


ronxxx's picture

This will suite well to my M100 :)

ipodshufflina7x's picture

Could use an amp but cant afford it would be nice to win.

Zayev's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to score these! 

ag66's picture

Feeling lucky...

a_urbaez's picture

A nice Christmas gift indeed!

kia _athans's picture

Its gonna be the best gift ever. It feels good being part in this competitionlaugh

I hope i'll be the winner!!


Headcase's picture

This is a beautiful looking goodie, would look fabulous under my tree. :-)

svenska's picture

Good audio- Good life!

Sobeefus's picture

Been lusting after one of these!

tmedley's picture

This would go well with my V-Moda cans

Or965's picture

I would love to have this amp/dac with my new sennheiser amperior (blue) smiley

I really love the desien ,it very good for Traveling Especially with v-moda cover.

I will thanks you very much and be very happy if win it.

Gundy123's picture

This amp would go great with my M-100's!

RodrigoRocha.RJ's picture

Too bad it's only a draw for Americans. :-(

But wish you luck and Merry Christmas to all! :-)

luqavi's picture

One in several hundred? Looking good so far!

flex's picture

This headphone amp looks really nice. I hope to win !

dabbi's picture

Just got a pair of Crossfade LPs. Would love to win these

ssoedi's picture

Is this better than the Fireye Mini?

I never experience the difference that an amplifier will make, but I think the winner will enjoy this so much.

ulogin's picture

I want

Letshike's picture

V-MODA VAMP Verza Headphone Amplifier would be a nice treat under the tree!!!

DrForBin's picture


as she has sweet enough to order me a JDS Labs C5 for the upcoming holiday, i would love to return the favor!

adrbishop's picture

Been looking into getting one, hope this will be my chance.

Shike's picture

Looks good, count me in ^_^

bricksie's picture

with the Nexus 4, which doesn't have USB OTG properly implemented.

ronnoc951's picture

It would be awesome to get a verza, never could afford an amp before.

Iron-Buddha's picture


daeha48's picture

I hope I win!!

cszcot's picture

This is pretty awesome, hope I can win this

mikepbrowning's picture

Sign me up

timivie's picture

Good luck to all contestants

fpaquet's picture

This would look nice under the Christmas tree

thanks for the opportunity



martian's picture

I'd love to win this one...

Audioaddict's picture

Wohoo good luck too all!!! Love V-MODA

peterroumian's picture


kyuuketsuki's picture

I'll take a swing. It would be one heck of a Christmas gift.

matthra's picture

In my pocket!   Thanks.

Fernandes's picture

I really hope I can win this. I'm still using my headphones without an amp, and would love to try one:)

Captfantastic's picture

Thus I'm a VM owner. Sign me up I have just the spot for it!


Buddhake's picture

This amp would be a wonderful way to end the year!!  

Spannertech's picture

Good luck to everyone that applied and to the winner i hope the amp will get some good uses out off you. 

Kakuz's picture

Here goes nothing!

PickyListener's picture

Can't afford it.  Need to win. 

brrgrr's picture


Bobs Your Uncle's picture

Tis' better to be stricken with a Verza vice than not! (I suppose it is, anyway. I mean I've never heard one, but from what I've read I've gotta believe there's some truth in that statement.)

CH Loh's picture

I have never owned an amp. Please pick me!

crazy4hp's picture

Cannot wait to use it with Momentum.

timits's picture

A lucky resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia will walk away with this great prize.

blobos's picture

Would love to hear this thing.

Noobomatix's picture

Hope to win this, would pair up perfectly with my latest v-moda headphones i bought! 

ryanburbridge's picture

Bet your sub base is growing now. Count me in!

headphonista's picture

Santa, you know I've been a good boy this year. So, give me that amp! cheeky

Clintg37's picture

A headphone amp is on my wish list! This would be perfect for this budding audiophile... 

sjward's picture

Just in time for Christmas and I could use a good amp to pair with my new AKG Q701s and K550s. Thanks very much! 

Timoman's picture

I am really jonesin' for this amp.  I want it!

brcmrgn's picture

I just upgraded to a Note 3 and my S3 is now relegated to being a music player. 

Rudy's picture

Does it look like an effects pedal to anyone else?

fravel's picture

Nice Design!!

rofl.bond's picture

want one..

dougsing's picture

My Galaxy S3 is chomping at the bit for this one!