Westone 4R In-ear Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Westone 4R In-ear Headphones (MSRP $599.99) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Quad-Driver Westone 4R-Series with durable and removable EPIC cable take your listening experience to an entirely different level. Four symmetrically balanced armature drivers engineered into an advanced three-way crossover network deliver breathtaking clarity, realism, and imaging. Left and right earpiece responses are tested by each driver pack and matched to an extraordinarily tight +/- 2dB tolerance, delivering unparalleled balance and accuracy of sound-stage reproduction.

The 4Rs are made for high-performance listening through personal audio devices such as an iPod, media player, computer, game console, and headphone amplifier. 50+ years experience with in-ear applications has yielded a low-profile, lightweight, universal earpiece which delivers maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound.

4R-Series earphones ship with Westone’s new Monitor Vault. Designed specifically for transporting high-end earphones and manufactured in Colorado of a high-impact polymer, it’s the perfect size for travel and storage. Each Monitor Vault features a protective foam interior and weather resistant design.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

wcgryphon's picture

would love to win

jwzhan's picture

hmm.. sweepstakes are always good, but to be honest, I would take headphone/amp measurements over sweepstakes any day. 

kai1581's picture

I'd love to win!! Good luck everyone!

grassinma's picture

Hope to disprove myself. 

headphonista's picture

Free headphones are always welcome.

RapidPulse's picture

I have had my eyes on these for awhile. It would be nice to have my ears on them instead!

GloryUprising's picture

Goodluck everyone!! =D

Headphone Junkie's picture

I've been wanting some good in ears

zowki's picture

Count me in!

bcswan's picture

These look nice. I like the detachable cord.

Atut12's picture

I am in the market for some good iems, but I am a broke college student, this would be just the thing for me!

sofastreamer's picture

would like to be a happy winner at least once in a lifetime.

Will's picture

I've really been wanting a great pair of IEM's.  Would love to have these. 

niaomer's picture

Good luck!

JRAudio's picture

This would be great


magi44ken's picture

Good luck everyone!!!

Eggrenade's picture

I would use these.

mward's picture

I'm in. 

ohsoklepto's picture

These look great! Hope to win!

sol_los's picture

New here. hope to win

adhoc's picture

would love to win a pair of these!!

Anton's picture

Looks great

eggil's picture

I'd love to win. Westones are great!

keatingt's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win the Westones!

vaed's picture

Thanks for the opportunity, Tyll, for these IEMs. I've loved InnerFidelity and found a reason to register!

nbhice's picture

Ive never won anything...this would be one helluva first

HeroicPenguin's picture

Wow, W4s are really nice IEMs too. Whoever wins will be very happy with them!

Guitarist9273's picture

I'd definitely put them to good use. Been thinking of investing in some decent IEMs, so this would really rock. Thanks!

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uzi's picture

Yes please!

jinpark's picture

I hope I win :)

trollyolyoly's picture

Yes pleeeeease

PBone's picture

Thank you for the chance.

audiofly5's picture

I'm in. :)

Inks's picture

Winning would be a blessing at this time 

acomicbookguy's picture

Innerfidelity never fail to amaze us. Bring it!

harir's picture

It will be a good replacement for my stolen path m50

Bennyboy's picture

In-ear phone me up, Scotty. 

sternklang's picture

OK, we'll see what the chances for winning look like.

Type35's picture

One more driver and you'll match the number of blades on my razor.

How about a limited Gitone edition?

kurwa-zajebista's picture

I'll be interested to hear what system you use to ensure the random selection of the winner? Air particle analysis perhaps? :)

phil_e's picture

great GA!

mustangvxd's picture

Love my 3's would love to move up to 4's.

mikakaar's picture

These look great.

itsastickup's picture

These US-only sweepstakes are really effing annoying. 

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acawaigmail's picture

A new pair of IEMs would be great.

trees_house's picture

This guy

allmotor91's picture

Would love to win these!!!

Burgunder's picture

I only have 2-driver IEMs now, I could really use some 4-drivers bliss.

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

MellowJolly's picture


jhwalker's picture

Pick me!

techfish's picture

Sweet items.

idchaw's picture

Would be awsome to win! smiley

FizzlePop's picture

I'm dying for a set of good IEMs. I use my HD25s on the go, but they're too uncomfortable to wear at work.

Isawelvis's picture


mike135's picture

This is my non-profane contest entry.

jbones265's picture

Would make my Summer

oscar dziki's picture

Pick me Pick me

ader's picture

Would love another universal on hand.

x838nwy's picture

Would love a pair!!!

elfary's picture

These would be a nice addition to my Westone Um3x.Specially at this price tag ;)

rofl.bond's picture

count me in

kmorgan313's picture

I'll Take That

rabor's picture

Ooh! I so need new Westone's.. Just recently stepped on my left W3.. Broke the tube & my heart..

Deviltooth's picture

Hand them over, Robin Hood.  I'm hoping for a little luck here.

Hankster's picture

Would like to see how these compare to my somewhat aging UE Triple Fi 10vi...

comfuser's picture

Please pick me! 

Edisense's picture

I can't afford one. I'd be so lucky to have one. Big portable audio enthusiast but does not have enough funds to buy at this price point. 

bob78's picture

Love to have a pair....

Seth195208's picture


jeffsax's picture

I have been dreaming these forever! I need to win this!

BeerIsAwesome's picture

I hear these are great!

matula's picture

don't leave me out!

daflippymaster's picture

Here goes!

lwien's picture

I NEVER win anything.

Pleeeeeze let me win this, k?

MrO's picture

I'm new here, just saying hello to everyone!

boniceman's picture

I WANT THIS!!!!!!yes

Pianist's picture

Ok, well - I don't have much hope of winning this, but gonna give it a shot anyway. :P

kchamblin's picture


I would love these.

jchaps's picture

I'll give it a shot... but I never win.

andrewwot's picture

Never heard of them.

johnjen's picture

One more for the list



jt9843's picture

Victory is mine!

phoneshead's picture

I haven't got any high end headphones, so I would be very greatfull, if I get this headphone

phoneshead's picture

I haven't got any high end headphones, so I would be very greatfull, if I get this headphone

Stirrio's picture

Yay for IEMs!

stevieieie's picture

Maybe I'll have better luck with this contest :o

Dylan Mendoza-Johnson's picture

would love these

funambulistic's picture

.. love to have a pair!

Bína's picture

Still my most favorite universal IEMs.

lazalem's picture

Let me win!

lostchord83's picture

Pretty please !!

flatmap's picture

Have always wanted to try these.

veggieboy2001's picture

Westone …had a quick audition of the 4r once. Very well balanced. These must be awesome!

cclragnarok's picture

These should be a nice upgrade from my UM2s.  :)

SoundTeck's picture

Wow, those look fantastic!

planetpowers's picture

That I never win anything

cheko08's picture

I'll love to win those!

irateapple's picture

Yeah that'd be pretty incredible to win. Good luck everybody!

funch's picture

Mine, mine, mine, mine.......

Scythels's picture

Could always use another pair of IEMs ;)

xakobeo's picture

it will be great to win this headphones!!!!

Ringingears's picture

I have my amp warming up already!

eems90's picture

I've heard great things about Westone IEMs. I would love to finally hear one!

Audioaddict's picture


woody's picture

I could use some free headphones!

miceblue's picture

awesome. I'm in. :D

KikassAssassin's picture

I wouldn't mind having these!

mcdontho's picture

Sound Candy!

DrForBin's picture

detachable (thus easily replaceable) cables. count me in!

insidedrive's picture

Thanks Source Interlink Media!

JIGF's picture


dam1917's picture

I want to try to expand my paltry collection.

wellbiker's picture

Great headphones look forward to trying these ones out .

brrgrr's picture

Always wanted to try them out.

Asr's picture

Please enter me, thanks!

greenrolaids's picture

My Vsonic Gr07s just burned out.. would love to winz theze.

UnityIsPower's picture

Would finally be able to compare them to GR07's.

Chalcedony's picture

With my Phonak PFE passing away few weeks ago, I was looking for new pair of earphones that actually sound good and feels comfortable to wear. It would be really great if I could win this! Thanks.

Nzheadcase's picture

I don't have IEMs yet. I've been interested for a while now. Winning these would really make my day. 

MrGPhantome's picture

I've been wanting some highend IEM's.

Merkin's picture

Thanks again for another generous giveaway.

The Headphone Viking's picture

Really need a good isolating IEM for traveling :)

e_resolu's picture

Tyll, I'm looking forward your next review ! 

Jazz Casual's picture

Would you like my home address details now or after the formality of contacting me with the good news?

Nikovitch's picture

Good luck

Clemmaster's picture

I won!

jinteddy7's picture

YUSSS PLeaseee ... *grovel grovel*

Draygonn's picture

Good luck everyone

jessiengo's picture

These would make for a great grad gift for the little brother.

thegunner's picture

Would love to get these!

KLJTech's picture

I can't afford IEM's anywhere near this price range so thank you to the chance to win a pair. I'd LOVE to have these!

hairdryer's picture

I buying a lottery ticket as well..

Uncle Vic's picture

`These would be a great replacement.

TechRavingMad's picture

Westone's are amazing, I would love to win.

Samson Chau's picture

I am waiting for you!

sfoclt's picture

Dream Song 14


Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.   

After all, the sky flashes, the great sea yearns,   

we ourselves flash and yearn,

and moreover my mother told me as a boy   

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means you have no

Inner Resources.’ I conclude now I have no   

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Peoples bore me,

literature bores me, especially great literature,   

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And the tranquil hills, & gin, look like a drag   

and somehow a dog

has taken itself & its tail considerably away

into mountains or sea or sky, leaving            

behind: me, wag.

Sean Sabino's picture

No chance of winning...as always. I'll try again anyway x(



lenbell's picture

these are very nice headphones

doublea71's picture

Hook a dog up, yo!

jakubg's picture

I would love to win these.

earjunkie's picture

at your service.

Username's picture

good luck everyone!

JMS's picture

I think Westone has some of the best quality in the business

david.parker83's picture

And thank you!

CCS's picture

One Westone 4R, please.

Osaka's picture

I kinda need this, my only potables are my Grado SR 80s. It's not bad but it's terrable on the train. 

ButtUglyJeff's picture

I've never owned a pair of high end in ear monitors.  These would be wonderful to experience.  I might be missing out on something...

Thanks for having this contest.