What's Up With Tyll?

Readers may have noticed that InnerFidelity.com Editor Tyll Hertsens has not been posting for a while. Turns out he suffered a burst diverticula of the intestine which lead to a bacterial infection of his liver. Those who know what this is are probably wincing about now. For those that don't, it's serious, but luckily treatable, and Tyll is recovering at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital (pictured above).

Tyll is in good spirits and hopes to get released later this week. He also expects to pick up where he left off with Big Sound 2015 and says he is getting ready to start working on posts again. We're suggesting he take all the time he needs to rest.

Let's all wish him well, and hope he is able to go home soon!

Update: Tyll is now home!

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery Tyll, but do not rush it. You are missed by your regular readers, but we can wait until you are completely well.

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HI Tyll,

I hope you start feeling better soon and can get out of the hospital. Let me know if there is anything you need and I will deliver it to you. My prayers are with you!


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Hope you feel better soon.

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Wishing you a quick recovery Tyll!!

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I wish Tyll the best and a speedy recovery. Sounds not fun.

What headphones was he listening to when this happened? I want to avoid those :-)

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All the best to you Tyll! Get well soon!

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Thank goodness you made it to the Hospital in time, one friend of mine recently didn't.

You're Gastro Doctor will be a useful asset for you.

Betcha they're gonna put you on Blood Pressure Pills, 2,000 Calories per diem, 10,000 walking steps and a bit of strenuous exercise.

Don't worry, they do that with everyone.

With a tiny bit of luck, you'll get a "Home Health Aide" to assist you in the Activities of Daily Living. "Hey, Maria, order us up a Pepperoni Deeeeeep Dish extra Sauce"! Recovery can be great fun!

When Bob Katz arrives, turn him loose chopping wood for the looooong Winter months. Make him earn his keep. Listen to his new Supa-Amp and give him a few atta-boys for us. You can keep him for as long as you like, ( I think JA will approve ), you'll need all the help you can get. Besides, he needs a bit of De-Spoiling from all that good Florida Winter Sunshine, you're just the man to help him with that. You might have to hobble him at night ( for his own good ), I figure he'll be trying to sneak-off by the time November comes around. Remember Kathy Bates/James Caan in Misery

Anyway, these health things happen to us. You're the lucky one to survive, good for you. Now you got sumptum to brag about: "I'm a surviver, that last one nearly killed me", "I'm one tough SOB", "I can take a HIT keep ticking", "it'll take more than that to Kill ME!"

Yep, you got a bright future, make the best of it.

Bon Vivant

Tony in Michigan

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I think this photo is of the State Prison in Bozeman not the Hospital.

Just sayn

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I'm sayn cause I did some hard time up there in that place, food is horrible.

They catch you doing a little Bank Job and send you to this place for a couple of very BAD years.

I'd rather do time in Oregon

Tony in Michigan

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Been there, had that... only a kidney stone can compare. Tyll, best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. And if you have to take mind-blowing pain killers (wouldn't be surprised) I hope someone brings you a great player, a great amp, and your favorite headphones.

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I had my gall bladder fail. Every time it tried to squeeze out some juice it was the worst pain in my life. I'll pit one gall bladder against your kidney stone and Tyll's liver any day! But no one wants any of this. Tyll, get well soon! Feel better and stop making such low frequency sounds, I can hear you in Orlando!

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...we hope you're up & around soon...but take as much time as you need!!

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Really sorry to hear that you're down for a while, Tyll, but really glad to hear that you're steadily improving and will be heading home soon. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers! Be kind to yourself and don't push yourself too hard when it comes to returning to work. Like my Dad always said, "Nobody's last words were ever 'Gee, I sure wish I had spent more time at work!'" Rest, recuperate and follow your docs' orders - and enjoy having a legitimate excuse for spending some easy time just listening to music for pleasure. You deserve it!

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Despite my constant criticisms of everything, your site is invaluable, especially the measurements. Get your health back soon!

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It's good to have a diagnosis and a treatable one! Best wishes on your quick recovery and I hope to see you soon!

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Health is really important. rest well, eat well and respect these treatments, because we want you back, you're unvaluable to the community and, more important, as a personn.

We'll catch you on the good side ;).

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Hi Tyll,
hope for a speedy recovery mate....all the Best :)

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Get well soon young man. Sorry that you've had a rough patch of late on the health front.

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Thank you for all your genius!

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Get well soon.

Tyll Hertsens's picture
Certainly helps me feel a little better knowing that so many care.

In the words of the famous philosopher A. Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back!"

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Tyll, get well and stay that way.

In the meantime, you may be on a low residue diet for a couple of months. The old school bar-food probably qualifies: pale beer (aka liquid bread), pretzels, saltines, processed yellow pseudocheese, lambs tongue, pickled eggs, head cheese, etc., but no horseraddish, no pepper, nothing spicey, nothing with significant amounts of fiber.

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Here's hoping that you have a speedy recovery. The audio world wouldn't be the same without you, Tyll.

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Get well soon Tyll!!!

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Get well soon, Tyll!

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Yo Tyll...as our de-facto leader of all things Fun Audio, you are officially ordered to get lots of rest, relaxation, and get better STAT so you can get back to that sweet rig you got setup.

Based on your recent posting its good to see that the hospital didnt do anything to mess up your funny bone! (famous philosopher...lol).

Seriously dude...sorry to hear you are going thru some crappy medical stuff but i trust you are on the mend and will get well soon!!

Peace and "GET TO THA CHOPPA!!"


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Speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you back on innerfidelity.

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All the best! I am looking forward to the conclusion of your Big Sound project. - But take your time!!

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Take good care, take it slow, we need you. The insanity quotient in audio reviewing skyrockets when you're on the DL. Get we soon and cheers from New Mexico.

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Woot! New antibiotics seem to have done the trick, I'm outta here tomorrow!

Now I'll be able to get back to writing what will be a VERY important post on Big Sound 2015!