Tyll Hertsens  |  Feb 23, 2018  |  17 comments
It was a real treat being able to talk with Paul Barton about the PSB M4U 8 and NAD HP70 at RMAF last year. Paul has lead acoustic design for PSB, NAD, and Bluesound for a long, long time now; he's got a strong understanding of audio and when he designs a product it speaks of this knowledge. In listening to this headphone, I find myself listening to both the headphone and what Paul may be trying to tell us with them. It's been an interesting dialog.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Feb 16, 2018  |  30 comments
I'm in the midst of reviewing a couple of Bluetooth noise canceling headphones. It seems to me these headphones have good tuning for movies and telecom as they seem to bring out speech intelligibility quite well. But I'm not sure I like the tuning for music.

It has me wondering though, maybe tunings for mobile headphones that are often used for movies, telecom, and YouTubes should be different than cans used primarily for music. I'm quite curious if InnerFidelity readers think one tuning fits all listening situations, or if different tunings might be prefered. What do you think?

Should headphones for mobile use have a different tuning than headphones for music listening only?
Flat is flat. Neutral is the goal in all cases. That's hard enough...don't make it harder.
31% (23 votes)
Some small differences might be worthwhile, but you must be able to switch back to neutral at will.
40% (30 votes)
Sure, it's likely there's a better tuning for portable cans. Serious music listening should use wires anyway.
29% (22 votes)
Total votes: 75
Tyll Hertsens  |  Feb 11, 2018  |  26 comments
It's deja vu all over again. Maybe Audeze decided to reverse the trend for ever more expensive headphones. Maybe they were just aware of so many people longing for the LCD2 of old. But whatever the reson, I do like seeing them breath new life into the more affordable end of the LCD line-up with their newly released LCD2 Classic.
John Grandberg  |  Feb 06, 2018  |  17 comments
Word on the street is that iRiver, parent company of the Astell&Kern brand, tapped a whole different design team to work on the KANN. I haven't been able to confirm this, but it certainly fits with the device being so different from prior AK designs. Is that a good thing? Let's find out.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Feb 03, 2018  |  8 comments
One of a nice handfull of $500ish planar magnetic headphones at the show, I was impressed with the Advanced Alpha at CanJam@RMAF last October. In my report I said:

Maybe it was just the show conditions, or maybe I was just in the right mood, but holy smoke these sounded really good to me on first listen. I've been wrong at shows before so don't take this as gospel, but I sure liked these Advanced planar magnetic cans.

Well, time to find out if we can trust my ears at shows.

Tyler Schrank  |  Jan 30, 2018  |  59 comments
I'm going to make a bold statement right out of the gate. Schiit has rewritten the rules for budget headphone amplifiers with the Magni 3. Then again, they've done the same for other product categories multiple times in the past. Whether it be their $2399 Yggdrasil DAC down to the $179 Eitr USB->SPDIF converter, they offer high-performing, value-oriented, and often game-changing gear. So, perhaps that isn't so much a bold claim as it is more the norm for the company.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 27, 2018  |  6 comments
Doing audio production on a budget? Want something that sounds good? Feeling a little overwhelmed worrying about finding that one good sounding and durable needle in the haystack of crappy sounding cheap headphones that's going to break the first time it gets thrown in you backpack? Read on!
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 23, 2018  |  15 comments
It was great to see no vestige remaining at CES of the celebrity headphone era. It was reassuring to see headphone makers selling product based on performance...or at least claims of performance. Marketing folks will be marketing folks. One might be tempted to think the world of headphones is going to return to normal...if there was such a thing. Unfortunately, I think this year's CES was just a little calm before the storm.

The cable is being cut.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 18, 2018  |  35 comments
No surprise, with numerous successful studio tweaks under their belt, recording professionals started asking if they could do similar things for studio headphones. They started looking into surprise, they found out it was a lot harder than they expected. When I told them I felt EQing headphones was at least four times harder than EQing speakers they both nodded their heads in agreement. None the less, they persisted.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 18, 2018  |  3 comments
It's inspiring to see a company who builds expensive headphones to also continue to focus on lowering the cost to the consumer. The new iSINE LX still has the Fluxor magnets, Uniforce diaphragm circuit, Fazor acoustic impedance matching plug, and Cipher DAC/Amp's $150 less expensive than the iSINE 10. Thanks Audeze!